[#002ad4]Okay, I have a XFX 9600gt XXX Alfa Dog edition GPU. And I've tried playing CoD4. I can play for about 5-10 minutes on max graphics. Then i get a BSOD saying: SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. I also get that BSOD when i tried playing COH2 demo on max graphics. Then i tried to put ALL settings on low (Everything, sound, textures everything) And it worked with no BSODS. But it looks really crappy and i dont want to play with those graphics. I've already tried installing different drivers, but i just get another BSOD saying I have corrupted drivers. So im using 175.16 drivers.

I can play like any other games fine, including Need for Speed: Carbon, Timeshift, Farcry, Battlefield 2, GTR2, etc. Non have problems except for COH2 (which i've only tried once and got a BSOD) and on CoD4.

I'm thinking its some bad drivers/forceware drivers?

Or yet a bad GPU? Its been making a little buzzing sound w[#ff7f00][#00e21c][#000ef0][#f0000e]
[/#000ef0][/#00e21c][/#ff7f00]hen playing games.

But I used a GPU stability test and the GPU past.

I've been using the Nvidia and Activision support forums. But still didnt get a anwser to fix my problem.

And the wierd thing is that when i put my 6800 ultra back in CoD4 doesn't get a BSOD.

My specs :

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3800+, ~2.4GHz

1024MB RAM

Hard Drive:
59 GB

Video Card:
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT XXX Alfa Dog Edition

Sound Card:
Realtek AC97 Audio

Operating System:
Windows XP Professional x64 Edition Service Pack 2
ASUS A8N-SLI Premium

Computer Case:
Thermaltake ATX Shark[/#002ad4][/#ffaa00]
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  1. My PSU is a OCZ 600w
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  3. Well, that "system_service_exception" doesn't tell me much. Maybe someone knows what it stands for.

    I could tell you to do a full check of your system: Temps, Voltages, Dirt (open the case and see if all vents are up and running fine), etc...

    Post them and u could get a little more feedback.


    EDIT: My point in doing that check: the 9600GT is quite more powerful that the 6800, right? So, the Athlon needs to give more juice to the card and RAMs stressing the whole system a little more.
  4. All the temps and voltages are normal. And my case is clean as a whistle.

    And on what your saying, My Cpu might be to weak to handle the 9600gt?
  5. No, not at all. There is not such a thing XD

    But since u have it OCed, it might be stressing your CPU/RAM too much to the point it gives that error.

    This is a wild guess, but i saw that when i changed my TNT2 for my Radeon8500 back in the day with my P3-850 OCed to 1.033Mhz. Had to back it down to 933Mhz. Weird, uh?

    Now, since all the readings seem normal, get it to stock and see if there's still that BSOD. If it ain't there anymore, then i was right. If not, maybe the card is the faulty one indeed.

  6. Im a newbie here, what does esop mean? :D
  7. Well Today i cleaned out my computer. Blew it out really nice with an air compressor.

    I play CoD4 for like 40 minutes and I thought it was fixed. but then i played again later on and got the bsod :(

    And when i reboot and log back in, i get an error report and i go to read the error content and it says:

  8. andrewc said:
    error content and it says:

    To me that says that it tried to close it or something else and errored while trying to... Try ensuring that you have Dr.Watson (bug thing - might help, WinXP)... Not to mention service pack 3 as seem as that fixes some problems with games apparantly and try the resolution on a little smaller than usual (and or less other quirks). hope that helps.
  9. Well I really want to download sp3 but i cant find it for x64 bit for xp.

    Oh and the bluescreen at the bottom where it shows Technical Information, it says:


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