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Have no idea how to fix this network problem...

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February 27, 2009 2:33:10 AM

K this is gonna sound newbish but i'm clueless on how to fix this problem.(Im very bad with modem/network stuff) I just bought a new computer and I can't seem to get the internet working on it. My old setup was a modem to a router, and then ethernet cables from the router to my desktop and my xbox. (and my dads laptop would use the wireless) Hooked up my new computer the same way but for some reason it will only pick up the wireless, not the ethernet, and the wireless is only getting dial up speeds. I tried hooking the modem straight to the desktop but then it wont pick up anything at all. I tried asking my service provider over live chat but they just gave me the usual unplug/replug stuff which ive done. Figured id ask on here before I did a service call for someone to come out. Anyone know another trouble shooting action I could do before I pay money for a tech to fix it?

Could this be cuz I switched over from XP to Vista with the same modem? Is there some kind of new driver for the modem I need to download maybe?

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February 27, 2009 6:25:28 PM

When using a router, there should be no need for additional drivers. In order to rule out a bad wireless signal, I would stick to the wired connection and try to solve that issue first. Once you solve the wired issue, you could retry the wireless and you may find that the cause of your wired problem was also the culprit behind the wireless performance.

The communication on your wired network would be using your NIC. Your NIC is probably installed and functioning correctly. However, you would want to verify that. Plug in your ethernet cable and make sure it syncs correctly.

Various services do require some software to be installed on each computer accessing the Internet. However, normally, these services will either work fully or not at all in the case where some software is required.

In your case you are getting access but it is slow on the wireless and none at all on the wired connection. Although unlikely, make sure any required software is installed on the new computer.

Your issue could be a result of some IP addressing problems. Every device on your network, both wired and wireless, requires a unique IP address. Normally these addresses are handed out automatically using DHCP. Each device is given an address and an amount of time to hold that address (lease). If there is a conflict, some devices may fail. If you have ever added an address to a device manually, you need to make sure that it is outside of the DHCP Pool of addresses set in your router. Most SOHO devices use as their LAN addressing. Addresses 100-150 will be used in the pool of DHCP addresses. You can verify this in your router.

As a preliminary fix, try turning off all networking equipment in your house (MODEM. router, PCs, gaming devices, etc). Once all are off, turn on your MODEM. Next turn on your router, and then finally, just your new PC. As a way to verify addressing, use the "ipconfig" tool within the Windows command line. Open a command prompt, type ipconfig. You will see the address you have been given. Vista can be a bit funny at times. If you have not chosen the correct answers during its security inquisition, you may not have been given an address or the built in firewall will be blocking traffic. If this is the case, reconfigure the security on the connection to match your location (such as "Home").

After you try all of this, or if you have any additional questions, reply back.