Noob Cooling Problem

So my system seems to be running to hot and I can't figure out why. I want to overclock but am leery at the current temps.

My system:

AMD 955 @ 3.2 (not OC)
Gigabyte 790XT-UD4P mobo
ATI 4870
Zalman 9700 LED
Generic (read cyber power) PSU
Coolermaster Elite 310 case
8 gigs ram, corsair & G skill
2 intake fans, one exhaust

My idle temps are in the low 40's for the CPU. When Gaming I'm up in the low 50's. If i overclock, to 3.6 or so my idle is in the low 50's - so load would be way too hot!

So the question is: should i be happy with these temps (i think not)? Or how can i improve them and cool my unit???

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  1. Pretty basic case. Have you added a side fan?

    Not an AMD user but is your voltage set high on the CPU?
    Don't know that cooler, is it a top cooler? Or a nice cheapo, better than stock tho?

    What do you measure temps with? I'm not an AMD user but Intel mobo temps are always inaccurate. Try Coretemp? HW monitor? Realtemp?

    And always, your ambients air temp matters. If your in 100F temps right now...ack

    Lastly cutting the very restrictive exaust cover completly out of the back would help. It's really blocking at least 1/2 the flow if not more. And the side fan part too. Dble check the front fan holes too.
  2. You are a big risk taker.
    You trust a generic PSU for that advanced rig.
    And overclocking also!

    Temps may/mat not be fine depending on ambient temp.

    I would advice you to buy a better PSU.
  3. I think you need to find out what your temps truly *are* at load, and deal with them.

    Download CPUID hardware Monitor and run it to monitor temperatures. Download Prime95 to stress test the PC, running it on all cores and checking "Detect Rounding Errors". Run for an hour watching temps. If core temps exceed 75C, stop Prime 95. In any case, tell us what happened.

    The case shows one fan stock, exhaust. What fans did you put where as intake?

    What is your room temp?
  4. You think your system is running hot? Have you checked the AMD web site for the thermal specifications for your cpu? According to AMD your cpu is well within it's thermal range. Temps in the low 50's are normal. Maximum cpu temperature is 62C.

    I'm not sure why but a lot of posters "think" their cpu's are running hot when they are actually running normal.
  5. Conumdrum - volts are stock at 1.35. I'm getting temps from AMD Overdrive & Speedfan, they are pretty cohesive. Ambient temp is baout 25 C.

    I have one side fan and one front fan blowing in. One rear exhasut fan.

    I realize the max is 62, thats why i'm looking for expertise/opinion. I see other guys running their OCed 955's in the 30's at idle and wonder if i'm doing soemthing wrong.

    Should i add another case fan? should i get faster fans? My HS has good reviews, and it seems to do alright. Does my case just suck?
  6. You should get something like a cooler master elite 430 at least. You should maybe get a good noctua cooler and get some powerful case fans like the silverstone AP fans.
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