What is now the best hard drive company ?

So like i said in the titel.
What is now the best hard drive company.
I heard that Western digital is good but when i read something else it said that hard drive companys have good times and bad times.
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  1. Western Digital without a doubt. Internal to External to Laptops, they really are making it tough for the competition! :D
  2. I have now Maxtor hard drives in my system but its SLOW
    And i want to buy a new system so i wanted to know

    So Western Digital is now dominating the hard drives
  3. Best answer
    Depends on your budget and the reason for buying the HDD (as just a backup drive or installing OS and system files.). WD Caviar Blacks are a bit costly. Hitachi DeskStar and Samsung SpinPoint also offer decent performances at a lower cost.
  4. Ok i know enough thank you for your help
  5. What do you mean better?
    More reliable?
    Better Quality?
    More efficient?

    Eitherway my pick is western digital from personal expirience i have never had a problem
  6. best solution in the world:
    1. buy a SSD from Corsair
    2. replace old hard drive
    3. transfer all data over
    4. ???
    5. Profit
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