Run time error 2147319779 (8002801d)

we hav a program for internal use. its working fine with administrator account but not with client account. we hav recently shifted over active directory.
the error comes as run time error library not registered.
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  1. That's most likely a permissions issue to the work files.
  2. But if i format the works fine for few days.....wid similar permissions........
  3. What are you changing in those few days when it stops working?
  4. Nothing from our side........n even users are not allowed to install anything.

    the software which is causing dis prob does updation fro the server- whn u click the link it compares the copy on server and on client....if client is using an old version it replaces it wid the newer from server.
  5. If the run time error has a error number, try Google searching it. Maybe include the software you're using. You may find others that had the same issue, and maybe a fix.
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