Unlocking Cores Phenom II x2 550

Hey, Few questions here about unlocking cores on the phenom II x2 550 on a Gigabyte GA-MA720 US3 Motherboard

1. Will it run ok as a x4 B50 on a stock heatsink and fan?
2. Does anyone know a good guides that I could use?
3. Does updating the bios Eliminate the chance of unlocking cores? or increase the chance of unlocking them?

here is the bios update ...
the F5 at the top.

4. If I was to unlock the cores and 1 or both are not stable is there any risk that it could cause damage to my computer ?
as far as I know you just disable the cores again but not sure.

Im not planning to overclock it. Id rather have it as just a Phenom II x4 B50 running at 3.1GHz. Im not sure whether i will unlock the cores but atm i am just gathering more information.. :)

Cheers, Tristen
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  1. 1 - it should do, but you wikll need to increase voltage this will also increase the core temp, so a better coller will be needed
    2 - yeah has some guyides on unlocking P II 550BE
    3 - I dunno, I dont think it will affect the ablility to unlock cores as ACC is actually NOT intended to unlock cores, its intended so AMD overdrive will work better on that motherboard/CPU
    4 -enabled faulty cores will not damages your PC (well shouldn't) when you run prime 95 you will get errors on the faulty cores

    remember not all 550BE just have disable cores to fill the market, some are actually faulty
  2. lashton said:
    remember not all 550BE just have disable cores to fill the market, some are actually faulty

    Yes, indeed. First one I have received has performed poorly as an X4 B50, but then again it wasn't so great as an X2 550. It is going back.

    check your X2 550 against the following results, then as an X4 B50.

    stock X2 550
    3dmark06 cpu score about 2,700

    X2 550 @ 3.5GHz
    3dmark06 cpu score about 3,000

    X4 B50 @ 3.5GHz
    3dmark06 cpu score about 5,200

    (OvrClkr and Jim937)
  3. i just had a look in the bios and it says i have the option to unlock all cores. if i was to click all cores save settings reboot computer would it show as a x4 b50 ?
    or do i need to update the bios? and also do i need to adjust the voltage manually or does it automatically adjust to the right settings for a quad core?. and i asked this i think earlier.

    would this cpu run at x4 B50 at stock clock speeds 3.1 on a stock cooler.
    so thats unlocking 2 cores only no overclock.
  4. Best answer
    Yes, it will show as an X4 B50.
    No, no BIOS update is necessary.
    No, for stock speeds leave on Auto.
    Yes, it will automatically adjust.
    No, you didn't ask this earlier.
    Yes, it will run as an X4 B50 on a stock cooler.
    Yes, unlocking two cores only, no overclock (3.1GHz).

    ok, then....
  5. thx for the good clear answer. but 1 thing just need to agree on tho. double checking the question. its not whether the x4 b50 will run on a stock cooler. im asking whether it will run cool enough for everyday use.
  6. ummm seabreeze is right and not also, yours mauy NOT have stable cores, they maybe bad cores
  7. Ok about the bios update question again. i see people on youtube who unlock the 2 cores in their phenom II 550 and they have updated the bios and it allows something in the unlocking thing setting to hybrid. is this neccesary ?
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