Anyone with ASUS Rampage Formula and Q9550?

Hi dudes!

I was the most unlucky guy to buy a Rampage Formula a month ago. Of course the board was defective... The rampaging board killed 3 (!) 9550 CPUs in a row... Must have been something with the voltage regulator...First time CPU died instantly, second CPU was a HERO, was able to run for 30 minutes... This was from one store...- guy paid back my money. First i tought there was something with the CPU...Therefore they changed the first one immediately. Then i brought back the whole computer to the store from where i bought the motherboard. They tried a third CPU... killed of course. Motherboard RMA-d, got the new one. Turned out the old MOBO was bad. With the new one the system wont power the Q9550 CPU... Serviceman told me they called ASUS support...Support said " heck even with the newest 4.10 bios we dunno why the Mobo wont work with this CPU.

My question is: Is there anyone out there who uses this CPU&MOBO combination? I know there are two revision of the Q9550... newer needs at least BIOS 4.07... But the MOBO wont even power the CPU,as if it wasn't even inserted...
Shall I get another mobo? I'm leaning towards the Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6...
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  1. I don't buy Asus products because I have had the same kind of service from Asus, ****.
    I like DFI, and MSI.
    There is no reason for this poor service, no reason at all.
  2. Yeah...Asus quality and the service quality have fallen a lot lately... Not to mention their Notebook - service... I used to buy asus products... but nowdays i have to sturggle a lot to buy asus again...
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