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Hi, i'm wanting to install windows 7 on 2 hard drives and then all my other games on ANOTHER 2 hard drives (raid 0). My ? is how do i raid my game hard drives, is it after i get windows installed or before?
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  1. So you've got a new computer with 4 hard drives and a raid controller (or onboard raid). Before you install windows, turn on your computer, and press the appropriate key to enter the raid controller bios. The raid bios should see all 4 hard drives. Go to Array Creation, pick 2 hard drives and set them up as a raid-0. Repeat the process for the other 2 hard drives. Reboot and install windows on the C drive (the 1st raid-0 array). When done, install your games on the D drive (the 2nd raid-0 array).
  2. You can do it any time. You need 2 separate raid controllers to do this. Most high end gaming boards have 2 separate controllers. If you don't have 2, then here are your options......1. buy another raid controller (PCI-E) 2. Don't raid the boot drives but raid the game drives 3. Raid the boot drives but don't raid the game drives. 4. Buy a new motherboard that has 2 onboard raid controllers.

    I wouldn't recommend creating more than one array using one controller. Onboard raid is not that reliable.

    Some newer boards have 2 eSata ports so you can raid external hard drives like my Foxconn Bloodrage.
  3. masterasia said:
    ...I wouldn't recommend creating more than one array using one controller. Onboard raid is not that reliable....

    I've got to disagree with you regarding onboard raid controllers not being reliable. I have used an ASUS motherboard with built in RAID for going on 4 years now and no problems. (Of course as I say this everything will go corrupt and I'll loose all my data.) Although this is the only time i have done raid (but will be using ASUS on board RAID for next computer too).

    Or are you saying onboard raid is unreliable only if you have multiple RAIDs running on it?
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