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A couple days ago, I noticed my computer, a Quad Q6600 Inspiron 530 with an Nvidia 9800 GT EE running Windows Vista started acting strange.
Programs were taking a while to load, and sometimes the screen would just freeze.
Yesterday, upon booting up, the computer took me to a screen that said something along the lines of

Boot from CD:
Boot from CD:

And I was forced to choose the Repair Startup option. I let it run for an hour, and it went to a black screen. Upon restarting the computer, it ran fine.

This morning it also ran fine, I put it in standby, came back later, and bang, the same screen with that Boot from CD message and such. I tried restarting, nothing. I tried running the repair, and blue screen: Unmountable Boot Volume.

I then tried booting from my Vista DVD. The first couple times it would go to a black screen after reading the data from the disks, and then I managed to open it up, and went to Repair. It automatically found my drive running Vista and attempted to fix it, then restarted my computer. Nothing. Now at this point I'm trying everything I can think of.

I boot from the DVD again and try to reinstall Vista. No dice. Upon getting to the Load Drive screen, there are now no options available. C drive cannot be selected. Now the repair screen isn't allowing me to do anything either. I turn off the system and leave it for 20 minutes.

Turning it back on, everything loaded perfectly. I went into my page, only to have explorer freeze. Waiting 20 minutes without any success, I restarted again. Same problems. It seemed that the computer simply couldn't find my HDD. I managed to boot from the DVD, again, and now I couldn't even run the startup repair. I went into the command console and tried some dskchk commands.

dskchk /p and /f did nothing
dskchk /r found a drive... but what do you know, Write Protected, and I can't run the diskcheck.
I tried twice to just leave my system off for an hour, unplugged and replugged the power cable, turned it back on, and still nothing. As of right now I'm not even able to boot from DVD. I'm still stuck at that black screen whenever I try to.

I tried going into setup upon starting windows and putting everything to default, nothing.
I tried holding F8 to get into safe mode, but nothing happens.

My problem is... well I suppose that's clear enough.
I'm at a loss, completely.
Sorry if this whole topic seems rushed and out of order, but that's basically what it is. Nothing seems to be going right.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.
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  1. It might be a bad controller or bad drive.
    First thing to do is backup your data. Don't do anything that would wipe your data.

    What mode do you have your sata controller in the bios? IDE,AHCI,Raid? If you have it on AHCI, put it on IDE to see if there's any difference. If you're able to boot into Windows, then try running a chkdisk from there. It doesn't sound like bad drives too though. There might also be a virus or something running a boot loader program or something.

    Screens going black can mean also mean the video is going out. Do you have any onboard video or anther video card to play around with?
  2. How would I check my SATA controller? From the setup menu?

    The computer used to have an onboard Intel chip, I added the 9800 GT a while ago, and there are no other cards.

    I don't think it's the card because the screen only goes black while trying to boot disks, and that seems to happen randomly.
  3. I checked the SATA, it's on IDE, the only other option is Raid
  4. Try running a Live CD like Puppy Linux or Bart PE if you have one?
    Are you able to get to another computer to download these discs?

    You can also try Ultimate Boot Disc (it's a cd full of utilities) to try
    and diagnose your problems. I would run scans on the hard drives and memory.

    Do you have S.M.A.R.T. on the drives? and if so, does your bios pick up the S.M.A.R.T. Information?
  5. 1. I'll try one of these I guess.
    2. ^
    3. Don't have.
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