need a video card for a 26inch monitor

Hey guys i plan on buying a 26 inch t260HD samsung monitor/tv to compliment my new build. I just have a question about what vid card to get.

I plan on using th emonitor at 1920 x 1200 resolution and plan to run games on high settings.

i was wondering if a 4850 would be able to handle this?

much appreciated.
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  1. not all games on the highest. what is the rest of your build and your budget and what kind of games do you play?
  2. Well im currently putting my comp together.
    Im going with...

    mobo:Asus p5Q deluxe
    cpu: Q6600
    ram: mushkin 2x2gb ddr2 800
    psu: corsair 650w

    as for not really playing anything right now although i will definitely be picking up starcraft 2 when that becomes available.
  3. If it's in your video card budget, I would get the 4870 to be safe. That card would handle that rez. with most of the future games you plan on playing.
  4. very good choices. probably budget of 1k to $1500? appears to be the realm depending on hdd and other stuff. 4870 might be too expensive for that budget but it would be a great upgrade to do if you can. probably don't want to crossfire since it would be x8/x8 if you do so going as good as you can on a single card would be beneficial.

    also have you gone and physically looked at monitors? the reason i ask is that some people once they actually look like 22" 1680x1050 just as well. and at that res you can do more with the 4850 or save some money to allow you to get the 4870 and be pretty set for a long time. but other people i know can really tell a difference and swear by the 1920x1200. so if you haven't may want to compare.
  5. thanks for your reply guys. maybe i will just go for the 4850 with lower res. unless i see a real deal for the 4870
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