Using usb external hard drives with Win 7

I need a little help regarding external usb hard drives.

I recently moved to Win 7 from Win XP. While using XP I did not have a problem having my external hard drives being recognised, with Win 7 that is not the case.

I have two 120 GB sata hdd’s, each one fitted to an usb case, neither is recognised. The drives are Seagate and were removed from a now dead laptop. If I disconnect one of my internal sata hdd’s they are recognised, but as I need all my sata connections this is not an ideal situation.

Is there anyone that can put me right on this issue? It would be much appreciated.
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  1. Boot up with them unplugged. Plug them in after boot and see if they are still unrecognized.

    Are they seen in the Device Manager or Disk Management?
  2. I have checked in both the Device Manager & Disk luck. Also tried your first option without success.

    All other USB devices are recognised, so I really stuck at the moment.

    I was thinking of getting a PCI sata card to get over the problem, but I would rather use the USB ports if possible.

    I can not understand why they are recognised by sata and not usb.

    If you have any other ideas great, otherwise thanks for your help.
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