Xp won't boot, usb powers off at boot

Hello, My system had a malware program make it in. Spyware Doctor detected it, but when Spyware Doctor tried to remove it, the program would pop up in front and block all access to the Spyware Doctor screen.

I tried to shut down and reboot into safe mode. System would not boot into safe mode, or last known good. Normal either.

I manually copied over yesterday's registry via recovery console. Nothing changed. System halts at scrolling blue bar in normal boot, stops at mup in safe mode. The USB mouse powers down at this point. Since I am running Daemon tools it asks about sptd in safe mode, so i disabled that at recovery console, still won't boot.

Tried repair install, copies over files, but won't boot back into windows even after copying over install files.

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  1. The best thing to do is to take out the hard drive, or have a computer shop do it for you.
    Install the hard drive as a second drive on a working XP computer...drag your personal files off the bad drive and make a backup to a thumb drive or DVD.
    Then reinstall the bad drive, reformat completely, fresh install the OS, replace your personal files from your back up.
    Here is the best advice: Don't use free security programs. Use only professional all in one security such as Norton or Panda. If you would have had professional security, this problem would have never happened.
    Remember, use only ONE security program, and don't use free security, these types of free software leave many parts unprotected.
  2. Sound advice. Thanks.

    Since this is one of those 'we found problems, pay us to fix them' malware scams, do you think it just replaced the USB drivers? I could try to replace them via recovery console? See if it wasn't shutting down USB at boot I might make it into safe mode. Then I could clean the system, backup files, then format and reinstall.
  3. Well, I have found part of the problem.


    this is part of the infection. I found by using listsvc in Recovery Console.

    I disabled them, but have no been able to boot. I am trying to find files this might have changed or corrupted now, as well as any other services this crap might have downloaded.

    Also. if I just install windows again, not a repair install, just install again, the odds would be good on me being able to use file recovery software and getting back the files I want to backup before a format and reinstall of the OS right? Most of my stuff backed up, but there are a few things I want to save first.
  4. Thanks for being the only one to reply soundguruman.

    I beat this thing by killing services in Recovery Console. Got a repair install in, booted into safe mode and cleaned out the virus stuff into quarantine, and have now backed up the data I wanted to another drive on the system.

    What is so embarrassing is: that I am an experienced system and network admin, I had turned off my two security programs(both better at the task than Norton or Panda btw, but thanks for the help) to play Fallout 3, and then opened IE without turning them back on. It was my fault, and a stupid, stupid mistake at that. So stupid.

    Anyway I'm going to format and reload now, which is always a good thing anyway. It's been a year since I last did one so it's overdue anyway.

    Whoo hoo! Score one for our team... kinda... if it's the 'stupid people who turn off their security and open IE' team I guess.
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