DVD Drive not found

I have read through the latest threads similar to mine as well as a few others across the net but nothing seems to be working.
Here is my situation
I installed Empire Total War, which went fine, then I installed the Witcher. I then patched the witcher with the extended edition but that stopped working and wasnt repsonding. I closed the patch process and right after my computer said that the witcher may not have installed correctly. Sure enough it seemed to have disappeared from my program list so I assumed I would need a reinstall. I put the cd back in the drive and nothing happened. So after trying that a few times I rebooted and tried again with a new disc to no avail. I When I try to run a disc I get a message saying "D:\ not found"

Any suggestions?

Oh yes, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers for it
I also saw a fix online to make a file called cdfix.reg and merged that with my registry but that didnt work either
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  1. SATA? Unplug and replug while Windows is running.
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