Using two Linksys Wireless routers for broader WiFi Coverage

I live in a large house with 6 other fraternity brothers of mine. We have two wireless routers but when both are running on the network they seem to confuse our components. Out of the 7 bedrooms in our house only the living room and hard wired connections get great reception. I tried changing the IP on one of the routers to but it was still causing problems.

Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to connect these two wireless routers (hard wired) so that I can put one on each side of the house and have better wireless connectivity throuhgout?
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  1. You should be able to run one device as an access point only .
    Disable NAT and DHCP in the device to be used as an access point.

    Connect the access point to the router using LAN ports at both ends, not WAN.
    Modem > cable1 > router > cable2 > access point

    Change the wireless channel of one or both to prevent interference.
    Use this program on a laptop to find unused channels in your area.

    You can use the same SSID and WPA/WEP key for both
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