Sata Not detecting after win7 64bit installation

Hi all,

My Desktop model is Intels D102GGC2
2 GB RAm
SATA Drive 250 GB

Problem: I have 2 hdd IDE and SATA, i had installed WIN Xp(32 bit) in IDE and win 7 64 bit in SATA, every thing went smooth and i installed win 7 64 bit in my sata. the probelm in whenever i reboot my OS is randomly loaded some time win XP some time WIN 7 for fixing this i edited the MBR it with paragon boot master and given win 7 as my default os but after doing that my MBR got corrupted or dont know what happened. my sata drive is not showing up( even in Xp mode) and win 7 is not loading, if i dis connect my sata drive xp is booting up but when i connect the sata drive, the XP OS loading is hanging in the OS screen, dont know what happened.

Fixes i tried:
i reinstalled win Xp in my IDE and updated the BIOS (Flashed).
but still my sata is not showing up same problem OS getting hanged when i connect sata. but in BIOS both the hdd is showing up. i even tried to repair it with the installation disk (win 7 64bit) after disconnecting the IDE, the files are getting copied but there is no hard drive found in win 7 installation(in the presence of SATA drive some thing like bootx and file size is displayed). please help me to recover the data as all my data is in the sata drive. simply the disk is not showing up i tried in all the 4 sata ports in the mother board but still no progress. now only my IDE is working. is there any conflict between 2 hdd as i have installed win xp32 bit in IDE and win 7 64bit in SATA.

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  1. As a general rule if you want to dual-boot different OS's, the correct installation sequence is to install the OLDER Windows first and ensure it is working, then install the LATER version after that with the first installation still connected. That way the new Windows will detect the previous installation and set up the Dual Boot options for you. Did you do that?

    I do NOT know for sure whether this process works properly, though, it you mix 32-bit older OS with 64-bit newer OS.

    Then you edited the SATA drive MBR. Did it EVER work after that? Or, did the SATA drive stop working right after the editing session? Your story sounds like that drive has bad data on it, quite possibly in the MBR and its Partition Table.

    Whatever the history, you have valuable data on the SATA drive you do not want to lose, so you can't simply wipe it out and start over with a new Install of Win 7 64-bit. What you need, I suspect, is a software package for Partition Recovery to run on the SATA drive. Hopefully that type of tool will figure out the correct data to put on that drive's MBR and Partition Table so it is usable again.

    There are both pay-for-it and freeware tools for Partition Recovery. Look around these forums for recommendations.
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