Cooler Master vs. Corsair vs. Asus (650Watts)

Hy everyone!

I m building a gamming rig. The list of my approved items just contains an ATI HD4850 so far.

The pending list is PSU (Corsair vs. Cooler Master), mobo (MSI Neo P43 vs. ASUS P5QL-Pro-P43 Based), and an E7200. I hope I m keepin plenty of room for future expansion wid a PCIx2 based slot, Core 2 Extreme support and a 16 GB of RAM (in MSI board).

I wanna know which PSU I should opt for my choices are only three!

1. Corsair 650 WATTS SLI READY (TX650W). (Also plz differentiate b/w modular and non modular PSUs of Corsair i.e. HX's vs. TX's).

2. Cooler Master 650 WATTS REAL POWER PRO SLI READY (RS-650-ACAA-A1).

3. ASUS 650 WATTS U-650GA.

All of them lie in the same price band. I m currently tilted towards Corsair as I love their memory sticks. There efficiency levels are almost the same. It comes to who really is the expert in the field. Thats what I think! wat do u think who's the daddy?
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  1. Asus > 45 amp +12v load and 3x16 amp rails

    CM > 45 amp +12v load and 3x19 amp rails

    Corsair > 52 amp +12v load ,single rail

    Corsair is the better choice
  2. Corsair.
  3. thnx Mr. Dell! gonna google on these rails later on ! so that I know wat they really are..........
  4. For the past two years I have been installing Corsair psu's in computers I build for friends, neighbors, and relatives. Rock solid performance.
  5. Corsair.
  6. I have the Corsair TX650 and a 1 X 4850 - they both work great but my PSU is 100W over-kill. For gaming on a single GPU, the TX550W is probably enough. Also, I would go with a P45 MB (such as P5Q). P45 gets you better OCing down the road if you try to get longer life out of your CPU. I just have not seen any advantage to the P43 MB's (really, not even cost).
  7. +1 for the Corsair.

    Here is a review for the 550VX:

    Just goes to give you an idea about the quality of the Corsair PSUs.
  8. You can get the 650TX for $72 from with free shipping.
  9. +1 on the corsair

    and personally id be going for the ASUS mobo, but looking at the P45s not the P43's
  10. Definitely the Corsair, GJ to Dell for pointing out the specs.

    I have never had trouble with Corsair PS [Unlike Rosewill :S].

    Agree with chookman on the MoBo choice.
  11. yeah thnx every1....but wat bout Modular vs. NonModular wats the difference???
  12. ok wat mite be the deciding factor is that the modular has a 3x12V rails each carrying 18 amps a net of 54amps. and the non modular has 1x12V rail carrying a huge 52amps charge. Wats the better approach divide n conquer or united v stand??? i mean hx ( or tx ( ?
  13. The Corsair HX620 has 3 "virtual" rails, as do most multi rail designs, it's combined output is 50 amps.
    Here's a review

    Here's some reading on 12 volt rails and how they work

    And, info regarding modular cables
  14. Thanks for the votes of confidence everyone. We're proud of our PSUs!
  15. I snagged a corsair modular 750.. It has plenty of connections before being modular. It seems to have clean power.. super quiet.. well worth the cash..
  16. ya corsair always makes the best PSU's
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