Boreas chiller unit Or upgrade water cooling?? HELP

core i7 920 @3.3Ghz gigabyte x58 extreme motherboard ram ocz 1866mhz 6g aptiva 1100w 2 gtx295's quad sli I currently have a swiftech system running 2 swiftech 380 radiators, cooling both 3d cards and my cpu motherboard......should i upgrade to the bores cooler unit? will i get better temps, can it handle all these cooling inputs? what barbs does the bores unit use? will it create condensation? ort am i better upgrading to a feser 480 radiator and leaving it at that??
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  1. What is a Swiftech 380 radiator? They don't make one that size.

    Bores? What the heck are you talking about?

    Slow down, take a breath.

    Condensation? What? your not running a sub ambient system.

    I don't think you have ANY watercooling on your system. Your just playing a really wierd bluff here buddy.

  2. sorry i mean a swiftech MCR320-QP Radiatorx2 and im talking about the CoolIT Boreas MTEC Chassis Review found on frosencpu
  3. Okay, you have plenty of rad for your system. lets talk your full layout. Pump, rads, blocks, one loop or two, fans, ambients etc.

    More info in an understandable format please.

    You haven't even mentioned what your temps under load are yet.

    The 320 in a i7 CPU loop is fine. A 320 for two 295's is a bit much for those GPU's but still managable temps in most setups.
  4. layout is as follows, swiftech standard micro res, to pump, standard pump that comes with the swiftech kit, to gpu 1, to gpu 2, to southbridge, to mosfets, to rad 1, to rad 2, back to res....single loop.... plenty of fans in a antec 1200 case...anbient temp is around 28oC to mid 30's in summer..... at idle im getting around 38 at idle and under load around 50..... all waterblocks are ek and cpu waterblock is swiftech gtz...thanku for your help
  5. 50C load temps? Your just fine. Boreas might give you lower temps, maybe not. Give it a try, it's really expensive for just a CPU cooler tho.

    Is the 50C holding your overclocks back?
  6. Don't cool the MOSFETs or point. Also, don't cool your RAM, if that crossed your mind as well.

    What pump is in that kit? the MCP655?

    You have picked out good quality blocks, just drop anything but CPU and GPU blocks...those are really the only ones you need. I also run dual MCR320's in a series, single loop, SLI.
  7. Rubix, he's already cooling them. His temps are very good, don't know what the issue is. He might get better CPU temps with the Boreas.

    Using the Boreas on it's highest settings causes condensation, and it's so big it will drip from everywhere. It's loud as heck too.

    Still, it's the best out there unless you want phase change.

    Knowing the coolit's fail rates I wonder how long it would actually work properly?
  8. Quote:

    Knowing the coolit's fail rates I wonder how long it would actually work properly?

    ^Yeah, just like Koolance. I personally stay away from CoolIT and Koolance.
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