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It has been over 4 years since I built my computer and much has changed in that time. I haven't kept up with the computer tech and so I'm at a bit of a loss. A friend wants a new computer for home that can use Windows XP. She just doesn't want to have to purchase all new programs. In particular, I'm wondering what motherboards are compatible with XP. She's looking for something that will run basic office programs, surf the net, do a little photo editing, and some minor video editing, as well as watch dvd's.

I'm partial to ASUS boards, but I also like MSI. Any suggestions?
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  1. All Motherboards are compatible with XP - as a matter of fact - most major OSes - you just need the drivers for the chipset to run properly.
    I would go for Asus and Gigabyte.
  2. It's several years later and I find that this problem still exists. I'm perfectly happy with my XP system and the software that runs on it. I've used several Windows 7 systems, and none of them offer anything that I find compelling enough to get me to change the computers I use. Plus, I own several copies of XP Home and Professional.

    My desktop computer is beginning to act up. It will begin to run slow, then the USB ports will fail, then the system will lock up. It happens when the system has been running for several hours. This hardware issue has given me a reason to purchase a new computer, and since I'm proficient building computers, installing operating systems, hardware drivers, software, etc., I plan to build my next PC.

    In the past, I've looked at motherboards that come with the drivers I need. Same with video cards. I haven't been to the computer store lately, so I don't know what they have that fits my needs, so I'm posting to this old thread hoping that someone else has gone through this process recently and is kind enough to share their experience.

    Please reply only to my compatibility request and don't try to talk me into Windows 7. Just because you like it, doesn't mean I will.
  3. I hope this subject is still relevant to other members.

    I just 'upgraded' to Win7 64 on an Intel Hex Core 3930K on an ASRock Extreme 6 X79 chipset motherboard.

    My key applications are
    3D Studio Max
    Flash, Photoshop, & other supporting aps - Camtasia etc.

    3D Studio Max 9, my favorite 3D animation ap, did not make the jump from XP64 on a quad core sytem to this system.

    Even with the "XP Compatibility" feature of Windows 7, the licensing mechanism failed.

    One of my favorite parts of 3D is 'particle effects' (smoke hair sparks) and water effects. All very CPU intensive, perfect for a hex core.

    Anyway, I was wondering if a fellow geek could tell me -

    Which current Motherboard CPU combinations are compatible with XP 64.

    As far as windows 7, just do a web search for Windows 7 file manager, it might help you understand why some people prefer XP.

    On the bright side, since it was clear I needed to get 'more better' with Blender, I am using Ubuntu Linux. I have about 7 XP licenses, a Vista license, and a Windows 7 Pro License.

    But I'd still like to get XP64 working on a faster motherboard.


    Is Windows XP compatible with the Intel 2600K or an Opteron 8 Core ?

    Any motherboard-CPU combination recommendations, that you are running with Windows XP64, I would much appreciate.

    As a side note, to fully describe the system, I have the OS on one 256 GB Solid State Drive, and my primary working desktop on a second 256 GB SSD. I wonder if that may have affected my experience with Windows 7 and 3D Studio Max 9. The license crapped out. I went through the full Serial Number - double authorization code routine just like 4 or 5 times before (Autodesk licensing). It 'went through' OK, and then crapped out - stopped working.

    Long story short, I have not been able to experience the Geek Wonderfulness of 3D Max 9 Particles on a FAST system.

    The current version of Max does particles OK, but it lacks the Reactor/ Havoc physics engine. That is a major drawback. Aside from getting work done, it is just not as much fun without Reactor. (Max 9 has Reactor, Max 2013 on Windows 7 does not.)
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