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I will be the FIRST to say you all do such an AWSOME job doing this site! I have been really frustrated though because over the last few months I have been looking to purchase a new video card. I always come to this site to get the word on what’s going on in the tech world, and you do a really good job with your individual reviews.

The issue that I am having is when trying to make a purchase sometimes its nice to compare a particular chipset under a particular set of conditions. Unfortunately the graphics card comparison charts haven't been updated since the 8800 series... What’s the deal? I mean like I said I love the site even without the charts being updated I will continue to come here and read the reviews and stuff (Which one actually directed me to by the ATI 4800 X2) but for my other systems (DVR, Mini-PC, Etc.) it would be nice to be able to shop looking at a reputable site that I respect.

Honestly I can find these things else where if needed and if you all are going to focus on one thing or another (And not the graphics cards benchmarks) I totally understand but I would really like to see those charts updated. At a minimum have the 3DMark (And other similar testing software) benchmarks updated for all the cards, the individual games could potentially be overlooked. And if you can't do all of them I think we would understand so a general N/A would be ok for those cards you don't have benchmarks on. Thanks for reading this, have a great day!
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  1. Check out the 4870x2 review, it includes charts for more up to date cards.
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