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I'm trying to copy a file on my c/drive that contains all the programmes i've downloaded since having to reinstall windows xp on my computer(on a new hard drive).
i named the file 'downloads'.
It doesn't contain the windows xp set up prog which is in a separate file called 'programs file'.
This 'programs file' also contains the same progs that are in the 'downloads' file.
Why does windows keep saying it has encountered a problem whilst trying to copy the file?
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  1. what do you mean by 'a file that contains all the programmes'

    what kind of file is it? a text file?
  2. What File contains all Programs and downloaded from where? I think you have your terminology all mixed up.
    No file contains all programs. There is a folder called Programs where the installed programs are located.
    Why not start again and explain what you have done or want to do more acuratly.
    The little yellow icons are folders that in in turn can contain more folders and files.
    Windows XP comes on an instalation cd and must be installed from that disk, it can't be copied to a new drive and expected to work.
    All your programs also need to be reinstalled.
    If you still have the original drive in working order and wish to transfer everything onto a new drive that is possible using tools supplied by drive makers like Seagate or Western Digital.
    If that is what you want then please repost the question, but the way it's put, no one can make much sense out of it.
  3. Sounds more like someone from another country using the wrong terminology.

    To me, it sounds like the OP has a folder that contains downloaded files he (or she) wants to back up to a CD. The OP should be able to just select the folder, right-click, then send it to the CD drive, as long as the drive is a burner and there's a blank CD in the drive.


    Whoops, didn't read the original post. What is the exact error message that Windows is giving?
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