Best Gaming case in your opinion??

I am leaning towards the Antec Nine Hundred. Keep in mind I hate the gaming cases with crazy designs.....that make them look cheap.

Best Gaming case in your opinion??

I also like the Antec Twelve Hundred but I went to the store and it HUGE!! Too big.

I also checked out the CoolerMaster HAF 932. But also WAAAAAAy too big.

looks cool though.

Thanks for your opinion.
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  1. I have the CM 932 HAF and you are right. It is huge. That's part of the reason I like it.

    The Antec Twelve Hundred is a good choice but it's another large case.

    So, you probably may want to just stay with the Antec Nine Hundred.

    BTW - Have you been able to determine just how large a gaming case you will need? Large video card? Really big CPU heatsink with fan? water cooling? other oversized items?
  2. Coolermaster 690- good cooling, good room and doesn't look like a gaming case.
  3. What the hell is a gaming case? By that do you mean "cool looking case"?
  4. Well this might be bigger than you want too because it is big but I really like my NZXT Zero case. Lots of room, tons of fans that keep my temps down really well, everything OC'd like crazy. It is surprisingly quiet for a case with 7 fans as well. My previous case which had two 120mm fans, silverstones, fairly quiet was much louder than the NZXT Zero.

    It may not be for you since size is an issue but it has been by far my favorite case so far over the years and I'd stand behind it as a recommendation. It also is not really "blingy" or "in your face" with it's design. It isn't plain but doesn't stray too far from tame.

    Hope you find one you like, NZXT also has several other cases that are more mid-size and their quality is very nice such as the NZXT Alpha, Hush and Tempest which cover a fairly nice range of cost and size, I have read several reviews on each and they tend to get pretty top scores and also have that, not plain but not too extreme look imo.
  5. I like the coolermaster Cosmos(my new case) over Antec900 (my old case)... You sacrifice some heat for a lot of silence.

    Antec900 is loud... really loud, but it is a good, solid, large case.

    If you plan to OC huge you can’t go wrong with Antec900/1200. If you don’t plan to OC to much then coolermaster Cosmos FTW
  6. Would switching out the Fans on the 900 Make it any quieter?
  7. Possibly, but the case is just so open... I cant see it ever being quite.
    I used to run all the fans on low.

    Side fan, back fan, 2 front fans, huge top fan = noise
  8. You mentioned size as well.. i should through out there that Cosmos is a little larger then the 900
  9. If size is a concern, you're probably best off looking at Mid-Towers geared specifically for gaming. I already had a Full-Tower from Antec, and it was pretty darn big. I recently upgraded to one of the Armor full tower cases. Specifically the V8003BWS, and it is amazingly massive. I don't mind its shear size, as it provides for more open space inside to allow for more air movement. Plus it's easier for me to move parts and pieces around inside.

    But, again, it is huge. And a heavy son of a gun. But there's plenty of good mid-tower gaming cases out. You can even get the Armor in a mid-tower. I like mine so far.
  10. Thing is ....I'm never going to move it. You might be right...maybe I should go for a full tower. Maybe the CoolerMaster HAF 932. I do remember with the mid towers me sometimes having trouble moving stuff around.

    Hmmm..... Decisions, Decisions...............
  11. Here is my humble opinion on the matter...

    I have had many systems, ranging from micro to full tower. All of which have their so-called "pros and cons." But as much as I could describe those to you, let me relate the overall idea to desktop vs. mobile computing.

    Laptops. They have been around a long time, and what follows is well known... If you were to spend $4000 on a laptop from an OEM supplier, chances are you can get a desktop with better performance for less then half the price from that same supplies. If you were to build that same desktop yourself, chances are you could save $500 or more past that $2000.

    This is an extreme example of how "form factor" can affect price-to-performance ratios. It doesn't always come in terms of performance of actual hardware either. Sometimes it comes in the form of "ease of use" or overall manufacturing quality...

    In your particular situation, you do not want a huge case. But WHY is my question. I would understand it if you're a LAN party junkie, but you said the case will not be moving anywhere. From a builder's perspective, bigger is ALMOST ALWAYS better. You have more space to work in, more room for cards and cooling, expandability, etc.

    You will have the LEAST number of limitations with a full tower case. Not to mention that IMO most of the best gaming cases are indeed full towers. You ask which case to get, my generic answer would be "Get a full tower case..."

    As far as specific recommendations, you already have in mind the 2 I would suggest with the CoolerMaster Cosmos & Antec Twelve Hundred (Although there are other good ones out there like the Antec Nine Hundred, Stacker series, Thermaltake Armor, Lian-Li Armor Suit, etc, etc, etc. All with their own individual good qualities).

    If you are going to order BEFORE 10/15 though, I have an ironclad answer for you that adds an insane amount of bang for your buck though...

    Antec Twelve Hundred Full Tower Case
    Retail Price: $214.99
    Instant Rebate: -$40.00, New Price: $174.99
    Additional 20% off w/ promo code "SAVE20CASE", ends 10/15

    Final Price: $139.99 (That's $75 off!)

    As a matter of fact, I ordered this exact same case as soon as I saw this deal.
  12. dirtmountain said:
    Coolermaster 690- good cooling, good room and doesn't look like a gaming case.

    +1 i have this case it is very nice and not to flashy. if you want to there is an optional window for it here
  13. Funny, I find choosing a case the hardest part of a build...
  14. That coupon does not work for me. It did yesterday but not today...but it says it expires till the 15th. I cleared my cookies and also tried a few things but coupon does not want to go through today. Weird.
  15. kuanaco said:

    Best Gaming case in your opinion??

  16. Wow! Seboj thats a very nice case.............. Im sure it will fit just perfectly on my desk!

  17. I have a Kandalf LCS with a customly mounted 250 MM fan on the window panel (had to cut the hole first of course), looks good and performs good, but without a window panel with air intake, GPUs run quite hot, mine like 12 C.

    1 thing, this case is heavy like hell ( my full system weights... wait i get something to test it...damn cant, well i rate it around 32 KG), so i doubt ull drag it to lan parties.
  18. i meant 12C hotter that is :D
  19. Mid Towers suck, i made the mistake of buying a mid tower and trying to put a ati 4870 video card in it, and it hits my hard drives, just not enough room, video card are getting hugeee, i recomend a full tower, or a case like the cooler master 690 , it mounts the hard drives on the side out of the way, give you loads of room for video cards, live and learn.
  20. Antec Twelve Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case

    Three words....FANS FANS FANS!!!!

    Personally I have the Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case. Never struggled to fit anything in it the only problem is that it has no dust covers so if your not willing to buy and fit some yourself your gonna be in for one dusty time. Antec sorted this problem with the twelve hundred. Now you can enjoy a spacious, cool cabinet that protects your rig from dust!

    I notice that you think the Twelve Hundred is too big, so get the Nine Hundred then.....its not hard to install the fans, and seriously anything will go init. Looks cool too :)
  21. Well, as you can see from the posts there are a variety of opinions. I am surprised there aren't more opinions. It is a matter of personal preference. Get what you like!
  22. First of all personal choice has a lot to do with what people finally pick in a computer case. That being said, anyone that is an extreme computer enthusiast, gamer, overclocker, etc. is going to want the most room possible in a case. With today's video cards taking up two slots in space, generating large amounts of heat, and just being big in general you run into thermal issues, cabling issues, having to use a pry bar to get components in place, etc. I've done a lot of research and I think that the best case for the money is the:

    ABS Canyon 695 4 x 140mm Fan Multiple Heat Zones Full Aluminum Super Tower Computer Case

    Many will argue that the case is $599 dollars and that is too much but take into consideration that this is a solid case and will last you for the rest of your computer building life if you take care of it. If you need more space than this computer case provides then you are into servers and rack-mount systems at that point.

    Here's the link at but you can buy it elsewhere also:

    Just do your homework and I think that you will agree that this is one of the best if not THE BEST computer case on the market. Not only is everything addressed but you also get a filter system on the front that filters out a lot of the dust / dirt that build up in computer systems with large fans like the Antec 900 and 1200 cases.

    Let me know what you guys think about this case.
  23. jcarmack0946 - This thread is over six months old. It's from last October.
  24. Cooler Master 690 or NZXT tempest (EXTREMELY expensive)
  25. JohnnyLucky,

    Do you know that when people search things using ie. "Google", it comes up with ALL the info you put in the search engine. Including older posts. People will continue to add to the post to put their thoughts/opinions on. I find many good threads that have went on for quite a long time with excellent info.
  26. I agree tydalwave, specifically, a forum regarding "best gaming case in your opinion" is never going to get old.
    I have an Armor MX because it was at the local pc store for cheap. I'm just getting into OCing now so i'm looking at cases like the antec 1200 and the awesome new corsair 700d.
    Any other comments on the 1200? is it really that loud?
  27. I have the Antec 1200 with full 120mm's. It is pretty damn quite in my opinion. If you keep the dust filters on the front clean, ( if computer is on for 5-8 hours a day, clean every 3-4 days with soap and water ( 2 minutes total from start to finish ) ) you can run all your fans on low. I use the Antec 3-way's that it came with along with Antec 3-way's I purchased seperatly. I even have 2 more in a push pull on medium on my Prolimatech Meglahalems. 10 total 120mm's ( 8 on low 2 on medium ) and one 200mm on medium setting. I can hear my 5870 @ 30% over all those fans...

    G'luck with your new choice in cases. This Antec 1200 will be with me for a long while.
  28. COOLER MASTER Storm Sniper SGC-6000-KXN1-GP Black Steel, ABS Plastic, Mesh bezel ATX Mid Tower

    Ive read some reviews and alot seem to love it! And like the original poster requested.. its a mid-tower. Though from reviews I've read, its a very big borderline mid-tower.

    I keep hearing about HAF and antec cases though, and wonder if theres somthing inadiquate about the CM Sniper?
  29. The Corsair 800D looks great, It is again full tower but has great air flow functionality.
    The cable management in it is fantastic aswell, If I'm able to get m suppliers to grab one, ill be shipping over to Australia soon.

    Want something smaller? Try their 600T or an alternate to the 800D is the 700D without the hot swap bays.
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