Just unlocked the cores!! but!!

Hey just unlocked the cores on my Phenom II x2 550 and made it a X4 b50 but b4 i do a stress test.

im using a speed fan 4.39 and it says on idle

temp1 35C
temp2 39C
temp3 37C
HD0 28C
Core 0

are these temperatures normal? the core usually has a temp on it.
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  1. quick answer if possible im edgy about this.

    temp just went down slightly

    temp1 34
    temp2 36
    temp3 36
    hd0 27
    core 0
  2. Try using HWMonitor and see if you get the same result.
  3. ok downloaded that and installed and under phenomII black edition it says

    32 degrees farenheit for each. that doesnt seem right. and also says 0 degrees for each. but says 32 farenheit. under voltage temps it says the same as speedfan tho

    temp1 34
    temp2 36
    temp3 36
  4. Yes, 32F = 0C. As soon as it's changed from an X2 550 to a X4 B50, hardware monitoring programs with certain motherboards show this.

    Is there an overclocking tool on the mb driver disc? It usually has a hardware monitor function that may provide the correct temps, though it probably can't record temps to a log or show min/max.
  5. Isn't this a common issue when unlocking cores, I believe when you unlock cores, the thermal diode no longer works.
  6. ok no sorry i dont have a driver because i only baught the parts through a computer store and got them ordered and they put them together so i dont have the box.
    thanx for the response.

    do u recommend a program that could?
  7. What's the brand and model of the motherboard?
  8. Gigabyte GA-MA720 US3 AM3
  9. ive seen that page b4 but i dont see what that does for me
  10. I think it's EasyTune6 you want, download it for your os and install. It should have a temp meter in it (I forget).

  11. ok i see easytune but it says what number it is does this mean it has to be a certain bios update? because i havent updated my bios i dont think. unless the shop did it but i wouldnt think so.
  12. easy tune 6 will ONLY overclock your first core NOT all the cores!!!
    I hear a call for AMD overdrive!
    also try coretemp
  13. Hey sorry but i just changed back to a x2 550 again because i looked in the bios and it said that my temps where 48 degrees. i ran a test on prime95 and the computer jammed. 48 seemed a bit high for idle temps so yeh. i duno what to do here.
  14. if i could get this running at quad with stock cooler it would be good but 48 idle seem a wee bit high . could there be a chance that the temps in the bios where wrong?. also i tested everything on the prime95 i selected a bit of everything i think or just the ram and cpu i duno ive mucked it up lol
  15. I'm running a 550 , unlockable like yours...(though currently I'm actually only running two cores,stock speed, undervolted at 1.2 volts, 3.1 ghz, simply because...what I'm doing and playing right now has no need for 4 cores) with the stock fan.

    A couple of points, configure speed fan with the configure button...that way you can be more sure that the temps are what they indicate they are...

    My temps are as follows , at idle,

    GPU 53
    temp1 43
    temp2 42
    temp3 38
    HD0 41
    Core 33
    Core 53
    Ambient 0
    HD1 38

    the first core corresponds to the CPU...the second also to the GPU temp...for some reason.

    When I had all 4 cores unlocked I couldnt get any temps reported on the cores...or rather nonsense numbers if i recall correctly...-273 c...etc Via overdrive if remember correctly...

    Also...if you're going to be overclocking, I'd suggest you follow one of the guides around here on Tom's...Overclocking via programs usually doesnt carry over with a computer reboot.
  16. nope no overclocking. but i think im going to need an aftermarket cooler because 48 idleing is not good as far as i know im back on 2 cores and now im idleing at 23-30
  17. OK! When I was running my cpu as a X4 B50 I looked in the bios and it said my cpu temp was 48-49 , that had me worrying a bit so I went back to a x2 550 and I just checked my cpu temp then in the bios again and now it says 45-46.

    Are these temperatures normal? Idle temps i thaught i should be getting 30 atleast.
    is the cpu underload when running the bios or something?. because the temperatures are almost the same as running as a quad.
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