[Windows 7] Scandisk / Chkdsk won't complete

I have a Data Robotics Drobo with 4 drives in it. It is a single GPT volume on Windows 7. I don't think my problem lies with the Drobo itself, or the drives, but a corrupt file system problem.

The symptoms include:
When I play back a ripped DVD (I have about 1TB in DVDs on this volume), randomly, the movie will jump to the Main Menu. For some, while watching "Movie A", I'll get a few seconds of "Movie B" spliced in. This is repeatable with other software.
There are files that show up as 0 kB, and I get errors when I try to delete them.

When I try to run a disk check in Windows 7, it gets to "28860 index entries processed" and then will sit there for days. I have tried running in Safe Mode and get the same results.

I can't figure out how to run a disk check scheduled before boot, like it runs for the boot drive when you try to run on "C:".

So, what I'd like to know is if there is any hope in "repairing" the broken DVD files, and if there are any other error correction utilities I could try. Most of the software that has been recommended to me is "undelete" software and not repair software.


Thanks in advance.
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  1. I am having the same problem with my Drobo Pro. I hope you found an answer and get a notification from this post so you or anyone can help me out. I have one more problem than yours though I keep a bunch of TV shows in a folder named as such and when I even try to double click on the directory it says "Your file or directory has become corrupt and unreadable" This is the second directory messed up and can't get chkdsk to work. I am looking for alternative software to use, but most are so slow and with my Drobo Pro formated like it is 16tb's the last scanner I tried wanted 350 hours to complete.
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