CPU and video card conundrum

OK, i have a few options, a core i5 + P55 motherboard and a mid range video card (4850) or a PII 550BE and a 790 motherboard with 570sb (you can see where im going with this) and a high end video card (4890 or 275GTX), which is more important in gaming:
The P II is at 2.7ish i can overclock to say 3.5, and the core i5 maybe to 3.7GHz?

please dont flame just you recommendations thatnks
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  1. ^ It would depend more on the resolution that you want to game...
    I would suggest the i5 with atleast HD 4870 if you are planning to play @ 1920X1080/1920X1200 resolution...

    And is it a typo ? 570SB ? - You mean 750SB right ?
  2. yes 750SB
  3. And the 550BE is @3.1ghz stock. I would personally go with the 550be + 4890. Even a mild OC, say, to 3.4ghz, would have you experiencing most of what the 4890 has to offer. If it unlocks with stability to a B50 x4, then you are really laughing, though obviously, it is best to decide based on an assumption that it won't unlock. I don't think the i5+4850 will be punishing to go that route, but if your goal is gaming, the 550+4890 might be the better option (with possible bonus cores being pure icinig on the cake)
  4. Go for the i5 with a gtx 260. You won't be dissapointed unless you are playing at high res as mentioned above.

    Don't forget new radeons coming out soon that will probably cause more price wars :)

    Thing is about going with the i5.... In a couple years you can drop a new gpu in and have plenty of cpu to push it with. Not that the 750 is bad, but the i5 is better...
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