What type of computer should I be looking for?

I looking to purchase a desktop computer (tower only), I'm looking on certain websites (newegg/geeks) and ebay for either as is or refurbished. I'm interested in using the desktop pc as more of a holding station for all of my data including music, video, pictures, documents, etc.. I currently have two laptop computers network together, with one laptop being the main computer (ie. holding all data) and the other being for playing all said files. The computer that holds all of my data is a 7 year old laptop with a 1.0gHz CPU so I'm looking to upgrade.

I need something that will transfer data across a wireless network much better than the current set up i have.

I have been looking into both pcs with core 2 duo and pentium 4. I am limited at spending, so what I'm asking is if a pentium 4 cpu would do the job and what speed should I be looking for? Or would core 2 duo be a better choice and at what speed? pentium 4, i know is less expensive than core 2 duo.

Also, are their better choices than intel (core 2 duo/p4) as in amd? Looking for something to help me out but not kill my wallet.

Any help would be great. Thanks, onawire
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  1. Do you have a specific maximum? Some people say budget built and drop a thousand bucks while others are looking to spend ~$400.

    As far as the CPU goes get the core 2 Duo, for $70 you can get an E2180 which will crush most single cores.

    When your looking at CPUs from Intel be careful on the Pentium vs. C2Duo because some of the Intel dual cores are marked as Pentiums, but they're Dual cores.
  2. I would say the fastest way to increase the speed of transfer of these files is to install a wireless G card in your current old laptop if it is currently using B.

    File transfer does not depend on CPU or ram. It's all about network connection speed. The other item of possible upgrade is the hard drive. Get yourself a wireless G connection 1st, then if you don't see an improvement in speeds you can get yourself a faster laptop hard drive.
  3. if your just looking for a storage box look into some of the nas barebones. i'd look for one has 802.11g and can run mirror raid. that should get you by. some tips though never let a storage box use dchp give it a ip. a nas box should save on power because it doesn't do any high end tasks but move files.
  4. I think, unlike most other people here, you want to look for motherboards that can hold as many hard drives as possible in the first place. You might want the option to run your data storage computer in RAID 1 mode, just to increase safety. You can either go with C2D or Athlon 4x50e. However, Intel boards usually have better RAID support. Boards with 802.11a/b/g/n are usually a bit overpriced. Get a wireless NIC instead, or use wireless router/switch and set file sharing on your local network.
  5. ^^ I think that might be a bit advanced for what he needs, after all his data fits on a 7 year old laptop drive!

    For the OP, I run a file server (which is what you want by the sound of it) on an old socket a system with 256mb ram (using a very stripped down xp). Works great and even lets me remote scan and have it appear on my shared folders :-)

    In other words, think cheap. REAL cheap as the requirments for a file/print server for one machine are very very low.
  6. I've got a Sempy 3400+ EE, 2Gb and multiple RAID arrays as a file and print server. Works fine with 6 people slamming it hard. I have teamed a couple of network cards up though, and that seems to help somewhat. It's running W2k3, and never flinches.
  7. Sorry I didn't give more information about my computers. My oldest computer is 7 years old. A new processor (1.0gHz) was put into it about a year ago, but since the motherboard is so old, I wasn't able to upgrade to a better, faster CPU. I upgraded the Harddrive from a 20Gig to a 100Gig and I have a wireless G card attached. My entire network runs on wireless G. I am having trouble with the cooling system, (have to lay the entire laptop on its back inorder to run any type of file transfer or download. The system overheats and shuts off (this is why a new CPU was installed - killed it). My newer computer is only 2 years old and works fine. The entire (file transfer process/file recall over the network) slows down due to the speed and annoyance of the older laptop.

    Currently I am looking to purchase a desktop computer (refurbished or off ebay) my budget is 200- 300, but could increase about 100 if i find a good deal that i can't pass up. I have been looking into "as-is" towers on ebay, (as long as I have the ability to fix it) I am somewhat knowledgeable with computers, but I don't know much when it comes to the difference between CPUs. I'm only looking for a quick fix for now, down the road (would be my first build) I'll hopefully be building my own, but the money isn't there right now.

    Just wondering what type of CPU i should be looking for, I also plan to use this computer as my second pc, not just for storage, and retiring the old laptop.

    I'm found a resonably priced Pentium 4 and or more expensive core 2 duo on Geeks.com, but both are fully loaded towers, not just the CPU. Also, anything I should know about Intel v. amd

    If anybody could give me direction that would be great. thanks, onawire
  8. www.tigerdirect.com has great deals on refurbished.
  9. processor dual core celeron $50

    Mobo geforce 7100 w/video and sound $50

    ram 1gb $18

    case w/ power supply $50

    dvd burner 22.00

    OS linux free

    You can pick up a crt monitor dirt cheap at your local thrift store, lets say
    total $215 us
    free shipping on all these items

    New lcd 19" widescreen $160 w/$30 mail in rebate

    total $340 - $40 MIR = tada! $300
  10. if you like refurb that acer looks nice
  11. for just storage I would have to agree on a simple NAS, QNAP has some nice one and the TS-209II is quite nice, slap a fitting harddisk in it and you are going, easy to use and you can stream your music directly from it, and it uses very little power.

    much nicer then having a whole PC standing around humming and using power all day long.

    you can also host your own webpage on it if you wish to do so (can use dyn-ip domainames if you don't have a permanent IP) and it support torrent downloads as well and iTunes and well many many other things. Might cost a lil more then a refurb, but it will be a lot better.
  12. If you're going for a refurbished system I recommend getting an Athlon 64 based system over a Pentium 4 based system. Really though try and go for a socket AM2 AMD system or a Core 2 Duo and stay away from the Pentium 4s and Celerons. Here is a pretty reasonable system.

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