Video - colors inverted, reds are green, greens are red

My buddy in New Zealand just bought a new rig.
He emails me today and says that on wmv and mov files the "colors are inverted".. greens are reds, reds are greens... note: blacks are still blacks, and whites are still whites

I suggested he update driver, but no joy

Here's his specs if anyone has any ideas

1 x Asus P5K SE Motherboard
DDR2-800, 4 x 2GB, Transcend Memory Modules
2 x Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200rpm SATA2 32MB Cache
Gigabyte GeForce 9600GT, 512MB,
ASUS 20X DVD Writer, SATA,
Creative SoundBlaster 5.1, Sound Card,
Mitsumi 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive
Logitech X-530 Speaker System
Thermaltake Soprano, ATX Mid Tower Case,
430W PSU,
AOC 24" Widescreen Monitor
Windows Vista Home Premium x64

I'm not lovin that psu.. no info on it at this point... hope it's not a bargain basement

EDIT: streaming video works just fine
EDIT: This is not a "new" problem. It's been like this since he got the computer about a week ago.
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  1. Ask him to flick to a res like 1280*1024 then flick the refresh Mhz from 60 -> 70 -> 75 etc and see if there's any difference... otherwise there could be a few explanations like his card overheating etc...
  2. could be graphic card overheating, get RivaTuner and increase fan speed of graphic card
    Defrag your hard disk, AusLogics Disk Defrag i9s free and doin amazing job
  3. Is the d-sub plugged properly in??

    Hung out with my mate one day who does onsite tech support for doctors surgery's.

    He turns the pc on and the colours are all F'd up. I say, dude, its the monitor cable, its come lose just push it back in.

    No no no, he says, its must be a driver or mobo blah blah. Fine, be a **** i say. He **** around for 10 minutes before i start shouting in his ear, "ITS THE **** CABLE!!!"
    Sure enough.
    Tells the nice doctor it was a 'driver issue'
  4. Yeah a buddy of mine in college had a similar problem with crazy display colors and his d-sub pins were bent. Quite a few of them, too, I was surprised it still displayed anything.
  5. I'm going to send him a link to this thread so he can try out the above suggestions.

    I had him open his box to find out model of PSU
    Check out this crap

    Such a nice system and the Aholes put that piece of junk in there! :fou:
    It's only capable of 350 watts...

    Seriously wondering if that's the problem (and betting it could be down the road if it isn't now)
    And that PSU was the "Upgraded" one I told him to request (didn't have a make/model number for me at the time)
    I'm going to do some research on his components (wattage etc) and try and write up a complaint that he can submit to the company.
    Any help on wording of the complaint appreciated.
  6. last email from my buddy

    I'll check the cords right now.
    I just put in a dvd and sure enough... the colors were messed up then too.
    Also... I've been able to watch streaming video perfectly. No problems.
  7. he checked the cable.. disco'd and reconnected.. no joy
    tried change rez and refresh rates.. no joy
  8. Are the "Streaming" videos youtube and similar?

    For the hell of it, try turning off video acceleration.

    Open Media Player
    Hit alt
    Select Tools then Options
    Under Performance clear the check box from Use DXVA on WMV files.
    Restart the player and try again

    There are also 2 media players on Vista 64, a 32 bit one and 64 bit one. They can try both by going into "Program Files" for X64 and "Program Files (X86)" for the 32 bit one.

    Last option is to try VLC, a FREE cross platform media player that plays almost anything including DVD's
  9. Download winamp ;) you need codecs
  10. I'm liking the idea that it could be a video card issue. Considering he's checked the cable, and "streaming video" works. If it was youtube stuff, or something he's watching through his webbrowser, it's probably being generating through the CPU. Where as, using WMP his video card is probably being used.

    Does he see any problems if he plays games? Skipping, tearing of images, color distortion, etc?
  11. i get the EXACT SAME PROBLEM but only when my cards become unstable due to overclocking. if u are not OCing then idk wats the problem
  12. ask him if he is colour blind when running certain applications
  13. alex_oneill2006 said:
    ask him if he is colour blind when running certain applications

    Mushrooms, magic ones i say !!!
    Problem with the codec ? try the XP codec pack or Vista codec pack.

    If that doesn't work, lay off the drugs, we are many and they are getting scarce.
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