Memory Running Too Slow?

Hey guys,
I decided to overclock my i7 920 D0 earlier, and left it at a nice, round 3.0ghz (I know it can do more but im happy for now). Anyway, after looking at my cpu specs on
cpu-z, I saw that under the memory subsection, it sais my dram frequency is only 600mhz. I dont know why this is, as the ram is crucial 1333mhz (tripple channel), and i set the dram frequency in the bios to 1200mhz(or something like that). the FSB:DRAM ratio is 2:8.
Does anyone know if this is normal? Or what I can do to get my ram to run at full speed?

Thanks, Greg.
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  1. It's normal. Your ram is running at 1200mhz.
  2. lucuis said:
    It's normal. Your ram is running at 1200mhz.

    thanks for the quick reply, but if its running at 1200, why does cpuz say its just 600mhz???
  3. The RAM is double data rate. So 600Mhz becomes 1200.

    DDR2-800 runs at 400Mhz
    DDR-400 runs at 200Mhz
  4. What he said :)
  5. ah,that clears it up, thanks guys
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