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ok I now know that my AMD 4200+ socket (939) is bottenecking my nvidia 9800GT 512mb DDR3

but i'm wondering will it damage my card for bottlenecking...?

my psu is fine 550W thanks Alex.
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  1. No it will not damage your graphics card, it just won't perform as well as it does with a faster CPU.
  2. Very unlikely.

    If your chip is good from the start, then you can only damage it by overvolting, overclocking, overheating. Other means including dipping it into toxic acid or shoot a bullet through it. Since your card is very unlikely running at full speed, the chance of overvolting, overheating and overclocking is reduced.
  3. What resolution are you gaming at? CPU bottlenecks are also influenced by resolution. A CPU that bottlenecks a GPU at 1280 x 1024 (17" CRT or 19" LCD native resolution, though some 19" LCD are 1440 x 900), might not be a bottleneck at 1680 x 1050 (22" LCD).

    Using a higher resolution allows the GPU more headroom. The GPU cranks out fewer fps, but the CPU can often handle it, so the actual fps you get go up a bit.
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