Command line for Symantec Ghost to load available Ghost image in BAT file

I working on project to make recovery DVDs using Ghost Image. And i want to use the command line for Multiple ghost images (which ever is available on DVD); example, if i am imaging for D600 and the image name is D600.GHO and on the other hand if i want imaging for nc6000 and the image name is nc6000.GHO, i don't want to change the name of the file every time in bat file and burn the DVD everytime. one command line which will work as whatever Ghost image is available it will load and start imagingon Hard disk.

The command line i am using in BAT file is:
R:\ghost -clone,mode=load,src=R:\NC6000.GHO,dst=1, -afile=C:\ghststat.txt -sure -FX

If someone could help me to use right syntax to use multiple images.

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  1. What version of Ghost?
    Ghost itself want to run one file. You could write a script to list the files on the DVD and issue one Ghost command per file. Ghost, at least my version, doesn't let you load more than one file or use wildcards.

    Symantec tech support would know more than I do.

    Why would you want to restore more than one image to the same machine at a time?
  2. ver. 11.5
    I dont want to restore more than one image on same machine, what i m trying to do is while burning recovery DVD; i dont want to change the BAT file and rename ghost file for different models. i wana use one bat file for available ghost image on the DVD.
  3. Guys thanx for the support but i've found solution on another forum & sharing with you

    CODE in BAT file:

    @echo off

    For %%I In (R:\*.gho) Do R:\ghost -clone,mode=load,src=%%I,dst=1, -afile=C:\ghststat.txt -sure -FX

    echo Remove the DVD and restart the computer.
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