which power supply out of these 2?




I'm going to be running a AMD athlon 64 x2 6000 (3ghz) on a MSI K9A2 Platinum mobo, with 3-4gb ddr2 RAM, a single hd4850 for now (adding another one later), SATA hard drive, IDE hard drive, cd drive....

I would go with a Crossfire certified psu but I've spent my entire budget already and from my experience the no-name powersupplies have always seemed to work just fine..

any help appreciated...

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  1. Neither.
  2. ^ +1
  3. I wouldn't go with either PS listed there.

    For those not wanting to click on his links, he posted :

    680w ATX PCI Express SLI SATA Power Supply PSU BK
    Brand listed in the picture was "POWORK"
    on Ebay for BiN $32.99

    WT POWER 575W Power Supply
    on wgDirect for $34.95

    Obviously with your setup you don't need a huge PS. However, while I wouldn't tell you to get a 1300W ABS Tagan, I don't think your budget system deserves a "grab bag" power supply.

    I agree, you don't ALWAYS have to go with a brand name product in life. Sometimes you will save a few dollars, just recognize that some names are big for a reason, and usually (not always) it's because of a good track record. This is achieved through the use of higher quality materials and standards, and more investment into R&D as well as proper testing and even customer service.

    Another thing... Order from a reputable site like NewEgg or [insert other big named hardware site here]. That way, should there be a problem with your product, you have someone to rely on to get you helped out. RMAing is not fun even with the best of sites, but some places make it so much of a hassle that I have just cut my losses and taken the loss as a "lesson learned."

    At some point, saving money by sacrificing quality for a no-name brand, with a generic product will start to COST you. Especially when you're further trying to save by going with the lowest bidder. Maybe it's a year down the road and it takes out your MoBo. How much is that to replace, along with another new PS?

    IMO the PS is one of the most important parts of your system, if not THE most. It's has the most potential to hinder, or even destroy your hardware. My friend had an overworked budget PS blow up in his case, fried his system, and caught fire. Good thing it only cost him $50 because it was TOTALLY worth scrubbing the black off his ceiling (Oh, and nothing is quite as enjoyable as the enticing scent of stale electrical fire).

    In short, go to this link @ NewEgg for best rated PS between $50 and $100

    Right on the top of that list is a 500W PS with great reviews that has a $30.00 mail in rebate, taking it from $69.99 down to $39.99!
    Thermaltake Purepower W0100RU 500W ATX 12V 2.0 Power Supply - Retail

    Get a name brand
    Buy from a reputable COMPANY
    Search for a good price, don't MAKE one happen by finding the cheapest option available.

    I hope this helps you, but please, do yourself the favor, and don't buy EITHER of the supplies that you listed.

  4. Ill way in on the neither...

    and raise you a ...

    Corsair 450
  5. I prefer the Corsair listed by Chookman.
    However, the is the least expensive PSU on NewEgg that would work

  6. ok thanks for all the input guys....so 500w isn't too little? I know that right now it would be just fine because I am only going to be running a single hd4850; but what about when I add another one in CF, will 500w still suffice? I dont want to be 'redlining' my PSU the whole time =P

  7. I vote neither also. I've lost too much good hardware to cheap PSUs.

    I've used the ThermalTake 500W suggested as well as the Antec Earthwatts 430W and 500W. All three are great in their price range. The computer I'm using right now to type this reply has an EA430W (GA-P35-DS3L, E8200 @ 3.2, 4GB PC2 6400, 9600GT, 2 HDDs). Flawless performer and you can't beat it that price. No experience with the Corsair 450, but its sure to be better than your questioned PSUs also.
  8. Re: the 500W PSU for a 4850--I have a friend running the Thermaltake 500W listed above on his C2D sytem with a 4850; no issues. A quality 450W PSU beats a junk 600W every time!
  9. ok cool I guess I'm going to go with the 500w thermaltake...I dont like hassling with mail in rebates but that seems like my best option right now...

    thanks everybody!
  10. Dont by a cheap PS for the love of god!!!

    It is true, most of the time, that a cheapo power supply wont fail(explode, destroy the motherboard, ect). However, what most people do not realize is that cheap power supplies lead to system(OS) stability problems and even in severe cases data loss. Why play "Russian Roulette" with your new system with a junk power supply, save up a little more and get a DECENT power supply with some growing room. The power supply is the single most negelcted system component when people are planning thier systems. A power supply will not help your frame rates in Crysis, but it will keep your system from dieing an early death when your Radeon overloads your PS!!

    Check out the Corsair Tx series 750W power supply below, that should have no problem powering your system and allow some overhead for future expansion, and its just a scant over 100 bucks.


    Overbuiling is always better than underbuilding
  11. Those PSU's are crap.
    Get a good PSU.
    I buy PCPower PSU's and have never had one die and take out my system.
    For your current and future needs I would go with the Silencer 750 watt PSU.
  12. Actually BOTH the Corsiar and the Power PC are good power supplies, the latter is better though but to call all of them crap is OPINION and certainly has no FACT to back it up. Anyone interested in power supply ratings can look up HARDOCP on the net, they will tell you who is crap and who is not. Oh and btw, the Corsiar TX 750 is rated better than the duo of silencer 750's among people who have bought it from NEWEGG so put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  13. HardOCP and Jonnyguru are two of the better review sites for PSUs. They actually do complete testing, under a range of loads, and look at the output quality with an oscilloscope. Not only will they tell you that a cheap PSU is crap, they will show you how and why it is.
    500W is enough for a single 4850, but if you are certain you'll want Crossfire, then you'll need at least 600W; I'd want 700W myself I think, and I would choose one made by Corsair, OCZ, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling, Antec, or Enermax.
  14. i am going to say get niether listed up top.

    i would go with the corsair 650watt. it is a good price and great quality(note all of the brands Jtt283 listed are also good)

    i have a pair of 4870s and the corsair 750watt model and it has no problems pushing out good clean power
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