Loud Buzzing Noise When Turning On Computer sspected

Had PSU for about a year. It's a Silverstone strider 560 Watt http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817163112.

Everytime I turn on my computer it makes a very loud and noticeable sound, which slowly dissapates.

My Rig: -AsRock 939 Dual-SATA Motherboard
-AMD64 3200+ Oreleans CPU
-1GB Generic RAM
-ASUS 1950 Pro 256MB Video Card
-Creative Soundblaster Audigy SE Sound Card
-Maxtor 250 GB Hard Drive

The possible fans that can create this noise are:
-The standard CPU fan
-The Standard video card fan
-A large front fan that came with my generic case
-A 80mm fan on the back of my case
-The 120mm fan in my PSU

The sound seems to be stonger in the back, although it could be just me.

The reason I suspect it's the PSU is because I had a similar case with an older computer a while back. I still had the warranty at my local store so a had it replaced, and the noise dissapeared
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  1. Stop each fan from spinning one at a time and you'll quickly know which one is noisy.
  2. Generally the buzzing is a result of a bad PSU.

    Lay the case down and pull the psu out, set it on the 5.25 rail so that it is still powering your system but away from the other components.

    Turn it on and have a listen.

    If it is the PSU, then you should stop running your computer until the unit is replaced. Don't take this as, Silverstone makes poor quality PSU's because they don't. Most of the PSU manufactures make a defective unit now and then. I would recommend another Silverstone or PC Power and Cooling.
    Get a unit with Active PFC, and a single 12V rail over 36amps.
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