500mhz FSB, 4ghz E8400... is this normal?

I have been looking around, and it seems pretty hard to get a fsb to 500mhz, do I have bragging rights? It prime 95 stable for a couple hours so far. On air
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  1. Depends on your motherboard.
  2. 500 is fairly easy on good P45s especially with E0 CPUs.
  3. Bragging rights to WHAT? Something you've told us you did in your dreams? Show us the facts...
  4. i have a e8500 E0 4500mhz 9x multiplier fsb 500mhz
    it has and does fold for over a week at a time and only turn it off when gaming or hot weather tries to cook it. i have a gigabyte ep45-ud3lr board
    click here for screenshot
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