Feedback wanted on selected components for new build

After my mom, being the genius that she is, fried my motherboard by yanking the power cord out the back, i figured it's time to finally upgrade.

I'm planning on getting a motherboard, cpu, and some ram for under 500$ I am not going over 500$!!!

I don't need anything else as that all still works fine and will upgrade it as time goes on.

I currently have,

motherboard - BIOSTAR TPower I45 -

ram - Adata 4gb kit DDR2 800 -

CPU - ntel Core 2 Duo E8500 -

picked out.

Any suggestions as to anything that I can improve upon without going over 500$ is definately appreciated.
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  1. Well, it really depends on what you need to use the computer for. You could shave off some money here and there in a few areas. But I don't really know what the uses for this computer are. I mean, the parts are fine, but, if you could elaborate more on the situation, I could probably help more.
  2. sorry, probably should have elaborated in the first place. my fault.

    I'm using this machine mostly for gaming. The occasional side project/hobby of video editing and rendering.
    I'm going to overclock a little bit at first, then more eventually as I plan on getting a better cooling solution somewhere down the road, but dont need it right now.

    I'm also planning on getting a 512mb 8800gt in a month or so after i have some more money to spend.

    As i said before, I'm trying to get the best components i can for under $500, as all my extra money is tied up in bills atm.
  3. i think this will be better :


    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

    pqi TURBO 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2

    it will be great for OC too
  4. the motherboard and ram definately look to be better suited to my needs. But i'm not so sure about the Q6600. I think that most of the apps and games that I'm going to run dont take advantage of the quad core.

    I know that the Q6600 is fantastic for lots of multitasking, but for games i thought that the e8500 would outperform it? or am i mistaken?
  5. That's correct, but you also said that you'd be doing some video editing in which case the Q6600 is the definite choice. It all depends on what you want out of the system. If the video editing isn't a concern, go the the E8500.

    And unless you think you might go Crossfire at some point, there really isn't any reason to spend the extra money on an x38 mobo.

    Try this: (pick one of each)
    Biostar TForce TP43D2A7 = $80 (after MIR)
    Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L = $85
    Asus P5K P35 = $89

    E8400 = $170
    E8500 = $190
    Q6600 = $195

    Mushkin DDR2 800 5-4-4-12@1.8V = $63 ($25 MIR expires on 8/7)

    Which would leave you plenty under your budget to get a GPU right now.
    EVGA 8800GT AKIMBO = $125 (after MIR)
    VisionTek HD4850 = $170 (after MIR)
  6. Thank you Wanker, those are some definate bargains.

    I think that the Biostar will work perfectly, i dont plan on going crossfire, and it's PCIe 2.0 slot is perfect for a new EVGA 8800gt.

    Ill definately go with the E8500 then, video editing is a rare hobby for me and I mostly focus on gaming.

    And I dont know how I missed that Mushkin ram.

    This all keeps me within my budget and seems like it will last me for awhile, thank you :D
  7. I'd get this Biostar motherboard instead, it's slightly more, but the heatpipe cooling will make a larger inpact. Paying $10 more upfront is worth it, and in all honesty, you'd probably forget about the extra $10 you get in the mail after 6-8 weeks from the other motherboard. All-in-all it's essentially the same motherboard but with better on-board cooling. P43's overclock almost the same as P45s. Reaching 400 or even 500FSB isn't out of the question at all.

    If you're going to be primarily gaming, save yourself the $20 on the processor by getting the e8400, a .5 multiplier difference doesn't seem to justify the premium to me-or most people.

    With that extra money you save, you could snatch up an ATI 4850, which mostly out-performs the 8800GT in all aspects. A lot of OEMs are offering a free game with a purchase of the 4850 too.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree with everything effel said. You'll probably never notice the difference between the E8500 and the E8400. The HD4850 is hands-down better than the 8800GT. And an extra $20 for a board with heatpipes makes alot of sense.
  9. If i overclock the 8800gt, would that outperform a stock HD4850? i've heard that the ATI card runs very very hot, so overclocking that one doesn't seem like much of an option.
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