If i want Displayport/ HDMI embedded Video card, where do i go?

Long time no see guys!
I am currently playing CRYSIS on highest possible setting in a 1920 x 1200 setting on my new Samsung 24 " LCD.
But for the occasional days when i wanna watch my video collection, it would rock to have a Video card that would still play Crysis( even Warhead) and new high end games and at the same time have a HDMI/Displayport output on the actual videocard.
Now./... i have seen this done on 9800GX2, however i was hoping some 280 GTX or better existed out there with said connector.
And then again i have a second question...
My comp system is throttling me i think...
Got a
M2N32 SLI wifi ed mobo (590) ( can i use Phenom here?)
4 GB DDR2 4 4 4 12 (or 15?) (OCZ)
4 x 320 GB HDDs
LG GBW-H20L Black 6X
OCZ 850 W PSU (SLI certified)
4850 video card ( my 8800 GTS 512 crapped on me and they didnt have a better card at the time :( )

So would like answer to my first and my second question.. Does this vid card exist and can i upgrade to a Phenom on my old mobo?
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  1. Different board companies can add HDMI or Displayport using an DVI-D to HDMI adapter or by adding it to the physical graphics card. It's all supported, it just has to be implemented. Look at different companies graphics card models.
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