games wont go native resolution but desktop will

i have a monitor that supports 1680 x 1050 resolution and on my desktop i have native resolution but when try to go change resolutions in games the highest setting it would let me go to is 1600 x 1200 games including Crysis, F.E.A.R. ect... i have reinstalled my monitor drivers, my graphic card drivers, i have also reinstalled BOTH games and same thing occurs, tried to use the force resolutions form rivatuner and nvidia but nothing happens what should i do!!!??
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  1. 1600 x 1200 is higher res then 1680 x 1050

    so it's nothing to do with drivers or the games. it's your native res on your monitor.

    no monitor will run higher then it's native res which is what your trying to do
  2. spac13 I think his problem is that he wants to set the games to his monitors native resolution, otherwise its stretched.

    You've done very well in the troubleshooting department. I have Crysis and a 22" monitor and I dont have this problem (i even have an nvidia card). 1680x1050 is shown in the list.

    Did you notice any game option for "widescreen" displays? 1600x1200 is a 4:3 resolution, most notably square-shaped. Given your adept testing you probably already knew that.

    Step 1. All I can think of is uninstalling your game and drivers fully. Then reinstall the drivers (all of them) then the game.

    Assuming that fails, repeat "step 1" but this time try leaving your display (22" monitor) driver-less (plug 'n' play mode) and see if that helps. It might be your monitors drivers interfering with stuff.
  3. yea i ment that it shows 1600 x 1200 but not my native resolution... well i have tried various methods of uninstalling and installing drivers and games and they all fail... games like crysis and FEAR dont have wide screen options they just post the resolutoins that work with your display. do you have any other ideas by any chance
  4. i got it to work finally i just had to download patches for FEAR and for crysis stupid scroll wouldnt go down so had to use arrow keys to get to my resolution which was hidden lol all this work for a small overlook
  5. HORAH!
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