Need help setting up two wireless routers!

Ok so I decided to buy a linksys WRT610N which I thought would put an end to my connectivity problems... I was wrong. Well I decided to relocate it so it is at the more frequently used side of the house for wifi. I have it hooked up from my modem using a 50ft Cat6e and then a coupler connects it back to Cat5e (I know, I need to get a Cat6e) and then from there into the internet port on the router. Then a Cat5e runs out of port one on the router to another coupler back to the 50ft Cat6e and into my main computer. Well this puts me in a bad spot since when it was in the central location, all of my signals sucked. I now have this router and my old Netgear WPN824 v2. I want to use the Netgear as a second wireless router on my network. How would I go about setting this up? Would I run a cable from port 2 on the Linksys to the Netgear? Also, would this require manually routing it?

The reason for all of this is my xbox 360 has wireless (no I can't run a wire all that way) adapter and the 360 is at the opposite end of the house. I don't want to move it either. If you need more info on how this is setup or how I want it to work, just post a reply. thanks!
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  1. You should be able to run one device as an access point only .
    Disable NAT and DHCP in the device to be used as an access point.

    Connect the access point to the router using LAN ports at both ends, not WAN.
    Modem > cable1>router>cable2>accesspoint
  2. is there anyway I could wirelessly bridge the older router to the new linksys?
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