Sup guys!

Just wondering if this is normal 3D Mark Vantage score for my rig. around 13,000 highest 11,000 lowest. seems pretty low. here are my specs. Thanks in advance.

dell xps 630 650i sli mobo
e8400 @4.0 ghz
4 gig ram @800 mhz
260 gtx oced to 1200 memory and 660 core clock.
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  1. You have a dual core, so IMO the score is OK....
  2. Still concerned about the 2,000 point variation in scores.
  3. With 2xgts 250's and an i7 i score aprox. 15k.

    So i say thats about right.You would see the score go up dramatically if u added a 2nd card.
  4. I'm an idiot. 3DMark Vantage, not 3DMark06.
  5. yepper
  6. heres my current score guys. hope you guys can help. i added the prime 95 stress test i did for 13 hrs

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