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Okay this is my first system build, I had a friend help me out who has a little experience but not a ton (the ones with lots of experience are on vacation :( ). I have an Antec 900 case and a gigabyte GA-x48-ds4 mobo, e8400 cpu, two 4850hd graphics cards. I believe I have everything powered correctly, but when I hit my power button on my case, if its the first time since ive switched my PSU to the on positiong, I get one flash of the blue LED, and thats it. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this mobo has any lights that should be on when its powered correctly, like some sort of standby light, I'm not seeing one if there is.

Also, plugging in the front panel stuff to the mother board, I think i have everything set up in the way required according to the manual. Each cord is two colors, some color and white, but is white supposed to be the positive cord or the negative cord. That could be my mistake. Again anyone with experience with the motherboard in question (GA-x48-ds4) that could tell me if theres some sort of light I should see, it would be greatly appreciated. Spent a lot of money on this first build, and need to get it working before I take it to college with me in a few weeks.
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  1. Sorry to bump my own post, but I have found that i have a series of about 8 LEDs that indicate the level of load my cpu is under. When I have the psu on, none of the lights are on, but if i hit the power button, all the LEDs will flash and then go black until I turn off the psu and then hit the power button again.
  2. Best advice I can give at midnight is to unhook everything and start over. Make sure your PSU is set to 110 and that all of your power/restart/hdd led stuff is correct and see what happens...
  3. Are there any other "symptoms"? Any beeps or fans going on?
    Are you testing before installing hard drive and DVD drive?
    How much memory installed? Does memory match mobo recommendation?
    Are you trying with both video cards installed? I would try to get system up and running with one before installing the second.
  4. Right now, I have one graphics card installed via PCIE 2.0, with an extra power cable running to the end of it as needed. I had some corsair ddr2 800 2gb sticks installed, tried with just one, and now I've tried with some kingston 800 2gb but no luck there either. I took off my cpu heatsink / fan (artic freezer pro 7) and checked to make sure my CPU had no bent pins or anything, its seated perfectly with nothing bent at all. Right now im trying to get the fan back on, but some of the plastic pushpins are bent so its not holding in the board like it should. I have the big billion pin connector running from my PSU to my motherboard for power, as well as the 4pin needed for cpu power. As far as hooking up front port stuff, each cord is two colored wires, each a color and then a white wire as well, so I'm assuming the whites are negatives, and if so, I have all those hooked up correctly.

    Right now, as I turn my power supply on (from O to --) no fans go on or anything. But if I hit the power button on my computer, the HDD light flashes blue once, and the "phase LEDs" on my motherboard that show what load my CPU is under all flash orange for like a tenth of a second. Then everything goes dead. No fans come on or anything, and there is also no noise. I'm not sure what you mean by "set you PSU to 110" if you mean the differences for US and Europe, there is no kind of switch there on it.
  5. Okay, I read something that showed that jumping the green wire on the largest connector from the PSU to the mobo with any black wire will allow the fan to come on and provide power when you turn on the power supply. I did this and heard a very faint "pew" sound, but other than that, no fans or anything. Bad power supply? I'm going to see if I can pull the PSU out of my old dell and get that one to work.
  6. ah, okay, just did that hotwire trick again with the PSU outside my case and plugged into nothing, and voila, it got going turned on the fans and everything. Does this mean my PSU is not faulty? I've pretty much deconstructed my whole system and I'm trying to test every individual piece for fault now. Is there any really good way of isolating my motherboard to see if it's the one having issues?

    AHA! My friend hooked up my power cabling, I think he might have tried to link to many of the fan power connectors together, I just took one off and now the fans run. Just got greedy perhaps trying to run too many one on line.
  7. ****. Stuck again. I have absolutely everything unplugged that isn't necessary. I could run any of my side 120mm fans no problem on my PSU, but the big 200mm fan, even hooked up by itself could not run. Now i have my PSU hooked up to my mobo with the 24pin connector and the 4pin connector needed for CPU power. Got all my front panel buttons hooked up to the motherboard. Have my cpu seated correctly, a stick of RAM known to be good in there and my graphics card seated well in a PCIE 2.0 slot with a 6 pin connector hooked up to the PSU. Im still just getting the one flash of light and then nothing.
  8. AHA HUGE STEP. Okay, so if I unplug the PCIE power connector from my graphics card, the whole thing runs and I get an actual message on my display (holy crap) that says: PLEASE PLUG IN POWER CABLE TO GRAPHICS CARD. If I use my old 7300LE from my last system, all runs well. I can even get a post. Is it possible that this power supply is just no good on the modular cabling? Everything else runs fine if I don't have to use something that uses modular cabling.
  9. What's power rating of your PSU?
    Is your PSU connected to a UPS or Voltage regulator?
  10. boppacesagain08 said:
    Is it possible that this power supply is just no good on the modular cabling?

    Certainly its possible, although new PSUs are seldom the problem and Antec is a good brand even if that model is not their top of the line.

    Could the video card be the problem? Do you get the same result with both 4850's tried one at a time? Can you test each one alone in some other system?
  11. After some more work, I have some different problems. My BIOS can recognize my new optical drives, but I can't actually boot a disc from the drives for some reason. I believe my HDDs are just dead. With one hooked up to my power supply, my system can't even come on. With the other hooked up I can power up, but it isn't recognized in the BIOS. Using an old optical drive and old hard drive, I was able to install vista, but at completely random times, anywhere between 30second and 10 minutes into having vista loaded and running on the pc, it just completely dies, no BSOD, its just like I had pulled the power from the machine. I can't imagine anything is overheating, I have an antec 900 with a buttload of fans, I also have an antec 850W psu, running only the motherboard stuff, 2 PCIE to my graphics cards, power to fans, and only one HDD. Not sure why the power dies.
  12. Testing out these new optical drives, trying to boot a vista install disk from them. One spins up the disk when I try to boot from CD drive (it's the only one connected at the time), my computer stays at the "Boot from CD/DVD: " for like 30 seconds, then eventually gives up and boots from the HDD. With the other drive (identical brand / model) it displays "Boot from CD/DVD: " for like a second then goes right on to the HDD. I know the disk is good because I just used it on an old optical drive and it worked. And now installing updates after booting up Windows, the power just died yet again. I'm taking out one of my graphics cards to see if the Antec PSU really just can't handle it.
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