Dell 9150 graphics card upgrade helped needed!

Hi all,

I am looking at getting Left 4 Dead when it comes out in a few months due to the coop gameplay. It will be pretty much the only game that I will play and doesn't need to run spectacular, just run smoothly at medium to low setting at my monitors native res.

I am running Windows XP SP3 Home Ed
19" LCD @ 1280 x 1024

This is a run down of the computer specs:

Dell Dimension 9150
Pentium D 930 3.0Ghz
Intel 945P Chipset
2gb Dual Channel DDR2 667Mhz SDRam
256mB ATI x600

That is pretty much all I know about the computers components.

I am looking at spending $500.00 on whatever can be/should be upgraded, RAM, card etc.


Can I only get an ATI card due to there already being an ATI card in the computer?
What cards will physically fit in there?
What card to you recommend for a $500.00 budget?

Any info would be appreciated I have no idea what I am doing.
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  1. Your PD cpu will bottleneck even $130 8800 GT's, spending $500 on a video card for the 9150 would be pointless.
    You can use ATI or Nvidia, doesn't matter, and dual slot cards as big as the 8800GTX fit fine but the psu would be a bit lacking for it.
    My advice would be to buy a cheap 8800 and save the rest of the money toward a new machine.
  2. I agree with what DellUser said. Save some of that money for a new system, and spend a max of $150 towards a new GPU.
  3. Seconded, get an 8800 GT - they are at a good price point right now and have good performance.

    Then yea, save up for your next machine - the 8800 GT will still be very usable with it.
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