Need a new PC... Please help with build?

I need a new PC, but I can only get a pre-built... can anyone recommend me some good builds for under $1000? I was told places such as and are good places, but I aint sure?

and, Im not a super duper gamer who needs the most latest and greated stuff, but I DO want a rig that is better than my old PC (AMD dual core x2 4400+, Nvidia 7900 GTX 512MB, 2GB RAM, 160 GB HDD). No Quad Cores or multiple GPUs please. Also, Im going to be using XP, not Vista, if that matters.

I dont need KB, mice or speakers either.

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  1. try this site:

    You can buy preconfigured gaming rigs from them. (ABS, IBUYPower, CyberPower)

    Most prebuilt machines come with vista so you may need to purchase an oem copy of xp pro to reformat.

    Your current rig isn't too bad, have you considered upgrading the vid card?
    What is your mobo spec? 939 or AM2?
  2. Actually, my old PC is dead, not sure what it is yet (it is definitally the Main Board or the CPU that went). I decided to get another one. Im not sure if its worth trying to fix because the MB and CPU I have are pretty old (socket 939). I dont think they even sell those type MBs and CPUs anymore? If they can be replaced... can all my old other components still be used?

    I do have a copy of XP laying around, does it matter that it was previously used (on my old dead PC) ?

    I still would like a bit of a help with trying to get a good build, Im not that sure what to look for? Im looking at the newegg builds, but Im not really sure whats good for the price.

    I really appreciate help, I am stuck using a not-so-great notebook for the time being.

    And, if the CPU/MB went on my PC is the GPU, soundcard and HDD still OK? I really needed stuff off my old HDD and I was gonna slave it in a new PC.
  3. Start fresh, socket 939 only runs DDR, not DDR2. What do you want to do with this PC by the way? Everyday email, msn chatting, etc. Or do you want to Game? And do you want to game at the highest settings? And under 1000 bucks is surely doable. But why can you only get a pre-built? If you don't know how to build a computer there are detailed guides all over the net, I used one online and I built my pc I'm on now without previously knowing anything about doing it. I think, in my opinion it's cheaper to build from parts.
  4. Also, 939 is old and slow and is not worth even messing around with anymore. If you're looking for bang/buck I surely can help if you want.
  5. Quote:
    Start fresh, socket 939 only runs DDR, not DDR2.

    When AMD switched to the AM2 platform, THG did several DDR vs DDR2 tests with identical processors in the AMD 939 and AM2 line. The test showed performance gains were non existent or very minimal.

    939 is old and slow

    LMAO! -Nuff said.
  6. Anway, Pancakes.

    You don't seem to comfortable with build a new rig from scratch soo.

    I recommend a machine with an Intel core 2 duo. E8200 or better for dual core or q6600 or better for quad core.

    For video cards: 8800GT, 9800GT or an ATI4850 (the ATI card is faster)

    2GB of RAM.

    I know you mentioned you didn't want a quad, (not sure why) but they perform pretty well even in apps that still prefer single and dual cores.

    You can continue to check and for prebuilts or you can check some of the mainstream webpages and configure it your self.
    (Dell, Alienware, HP, VoodooPC, CyberPowerPC or IBUYPower).
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