Disk Clean Up cleaned TOO much

Hello,trying to free up disk space, ran under other options remove window components, only clicked MSN Explorer, DC removed ALL unchecked also inc IE8 and MP11, any recovery options, still in Add/Remove programs as I have not yet rebooted, any help would be great, thanks, Jules.
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  1. Try clicking 'Cancel'


    Let it go. Go to Start>Help&Support>'Undo changes to your computer using System Restore'.

    If gone for good, re-install IE8 and MP11, MSN Explorer.

    Not a lot you can do once you clicked OK, but this may help.

    Anybody else.... ?
  2. Couldn't stop it, once started, noticed it was removing icons and pinned start info..hit cancel, to no avail..just thought I might be able to do something as still showing on my Add/Remove..frustrating..can't do sys res as I just paid for and downloaded my new anti virus yest am, cannot resubmit this..plus spent 6 hours deleting 1000's of songs my 16 had duplicated on machine to free up disk space, do not want to have to do all again..of course this had to happen on same day..just don't understand why it did this..when brought up disk clean up, showed that just MSN explorer had been checked..unbelievable!! But thanks for your suggestions..anyone else??
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