What's the best storage device to host a Portable Wamp Server?


I make webpage developmentb in Joomla.

Because I have to work on diferent computers during the day, I've got the idea of installing a localserver on a pen usb drive 2gb. This way I could have the server with me, and use it on every computer I want...

The problem is that the pen server is too slow. Everytime I have to backup, restore or instal any heavier joomla website I have to wait hours. Normally it will all end up with an error. Too much much time for the server!

Today I tried to change the file permissions and althoug I made it, it took me almost a century waiting!

Because of this, I'm tinking about giving up this portable server idea...

So my question is: What shoud be the best portable storage device (quickest) to host a local portable server. A usb pen; a portable Hard disk drive; a memory card?

Many thanks in advance...

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  1. While usb drives can vary in performance to some degree, there is no getting away from the limiting factor of the USB port.
    While a eSATA drive would be quickest, (same speed as internal) not all computers would have an eSATA port.
  2. Portable USB SSD drive $104.99.

    Kingston SSDNow V-Series SNV125-S2BN/64GB 2.5" 64GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid state disk (SSD) Notebook bundled accessory kit - Retail

  3. Many thaks for the reply...

    So...Even if it was an extranal drive, I would still heve the speed problems as I have with the pen, because of the usb limitations?

    My computers do not have eSata!

    And what about the ssd memory cards. Are they quicker than usb?
  4. Flash drives do not currently use the full 480 Mbit/s (60MB/s) the USB 2.0 Hi-Speed specification supports because of technical limitations inherent in NAND flash. The fastest drives currently available use a dual channel controller, although they still fall considerably short of the transfer rate possible from a current generation hard disk, or the maximum high speed USB throughput.
  5. The same limitations apply to memory cards.
  6. Many thanks evongugg!

    So, do the same limitations apply to portable disks using usb ports instead of eSata? Or at least current portable hard drives can take full advantage of usb 2.0 capacities?

    Many thanks in advance

  7. My USB2.0 drives goes at about 25 MBytes/s. Far from my SATA hdd that goes at about 60 some Mbytes/s. eSATA is extremely quicker in transfer rates than USB or Firewire or IDE.
  8. Ok, thanks a lot for your help...

    Gonna see if I can change my card reader (asus one) for a esata instead...

    Best wishes for the new year...

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