2 Gigs Faster Then 3?

I have two 1 Gig cards in the first RAM bank in my Dell Dimension 510 and two 512mb cards in my second bank for a total of 3 gigs. I have heard that I should just pull the 512 cards and use a one gig card in each bank. Any thoughts?
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  1. It's the same speed. That is a parallel setup. It's still running in dual channel, assuming they're ddr2 ram. If it's 3 1gb sticks, it would be downgraded to single channel.
  2. What if I ran a 1 gig and a 512 mb in each channel?
  3. toledo_speedo said:
    What if I ran a 1 gig and a 512 mb in each channel?

    What do you mean? It's fine as is. Keep the ram.
  4. Perfect as it is. Only reason to change anything is if you were going to go to 4Gb, which is relatively useless.

    And going 1 gig and 512 mb would be slower. If you have the same amount in each channel, that's good. Anything else is worse.
  5. Leave it as it is. BTW, the word is THAN.
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