PNY 8800gt cant detect my Hdtv 1080p!

I just recently Purchased a 8800gt and cant get it to detect my HDtv 1080p at resolutions higher than 1024x768 but can get my CRT monitor to 1280x800. Below are my system specs.

Chip: P4 3.00ghz
Ram: 1gig
OS: Win xp/sp2
VGU: 8800gt 512 ram (DVI-to VGA adapter)
PSU: 350w
Monitor: CRT max resolution 1280x800
Monitor Option #2: JVC hdtv 1080p

Do i need more ram to push it to a higher resolution or is my chip holding it back?

Please suggestions are highly needed!
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  1. If your HDTV is true 1080p it should support up to 1920×1080.

    The question is, what kind of cable are you using to connect your 8800GT to your HDTV? If you're not using the right cable, you can't go that high of resolution. For example, S-Video is a common "TV out" for video cards. However, S-Video only goes up to 700×486
  2. im using a DVI to VGA adapter to connect to my hdtv. i also have HDMI and s-video. I go into Nview to try and to set my resolution. Im playing AoC and cant get my resolution any higher than stated early that what i can im trying to see is it cpu or ram to push it to higher resolutins
  3. This is probably limited by the VGA input on your HDTV. You'll want to check the manual, or with manufacturer to see if the VGA input has a resolution limit on it. Chances are it probably does.

    From what I can see, the XVGA (which is probably what type of VGA connection your output and input on HDTV is using) is capable of a maximum of 1024x768.

    To get a higher resolution, you'll need to find a better connection type (like component video or HDMI). Component video is capable of a 1080i format (HD). However, only HDMI will give you "True HD" in the 1080p format. (i = interlaced, p = progressive. progressive > interlaced)

    You may also find improved resolution if you can directly connect from the video card to the HDTV via the "DVI" cable (without converting to VGA).
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