OMG! old guy needs help with new build....sigh...

gigabyte mobo
4g corsair
pcp + c 610w
640g 7200rpm WD hdd
big arse pcu cooler

I just got done assembling my first comp with the parts that many of you were so kind to help me pic out but when I power up the unit all the lights/fans and mobo leds come up but only stays on for apx 8 seconds, shuts off for 8 seconds and continues this on off on off on off cycle. I have checked connectors and everything appears tight and correct.

Where do I start?

Getting four leds on mobo (red, orange, green, green).
One red led on GPU
all leds and fans *including cooler* come on and spin.
Optical drive led comes on.
4 pin power connector on mobo connected.
Intermittenly only stays on for apx 2 seconds and shuts off for 8. More consistantly 8 on 8 off...
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  1. start jamm.. everything appears tight and correct...

    1. Try starting with 2GB
    2. Take of ide dvd-rw drive....?
    3. 4850 has power connected??
  2. I'd check to make sure the cooler is on correctly. Pull it off, check the footprint of the thermal grease, reattach it.
  3. Thank you for all the suggestions. Jpain, you had it right, I ended up with one bad stick of memory causing all the problems. Thanks gang
  4. Thank you for end reply.
    Because that is important to see what was the fix...
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