Installing XP on a Hp Compaq 2510p laptop

Any one know how to install xp on a hp compaq 2510p laptop. I get the bsod when i try. the laptop originally had vista on it, but xp replaced it, but i have to reinstall it.
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  1. What's the BSOD stop code?

    It looks like STOP: 0X0000000C or some other letter.
  2. Hi mosox,

    the BSOD stop code is: 0x0000007E (0x0000005, 0xF748E0BF, 0xF78DA208, 0F78D9F08)

    Below the stop code there is this:

    pci.sys - address f748E0BF base at F7487000, DateStamp 3d7d855c

    any ideas? thanks for the reply.
  3. the laptop currently has ubuntu 10.10 on it and it works fine. It also has no windows partition on it.
  4. You must create a free partition in order to install the new OS on that partition. That message may point out that's there's no free disk space. How many partitions are on your HDD, sizes, any partition free?
  5. hi mosox, thanks for the reply,

    As far as i know, the only partition is ubuntu and it takes up the whole drive. How do create a free partition for xp?
  6. Make sure you don't install the Windows on the Ubuntu partition. Back up on DVDs your important data before doing anything.
  7. do you want to keep ubuntu!
  8. I don't have any data worth saving on the laptop. No, i do not want to keep ubuntu.

    Does the xp partition need to be unallocated space or does it need to be formated to fat or ntfs files system etc. before installing the OS?

    i just want to wipe off ubuntu and give xp a clean install.
  9. Then you don't need a new partition. You can format it NTFS when installing the OS.
  10. No luck man. i still get the bsod. It's weird, I installed xp on a old custom pc and the install was extremely smooth and simple, but when i try to do the same on this hp compaq 2510p laptop, i get the bsod. Is this a common problem when trying to re-install an operating system on commercial laptops or pc's sold at a retail electronic store? the hard drive on this thing is weird. it has one of these in it.
  11. From what I know some newer laptops won't let you install XP but that one isn't new. Can you get some other XP? SP3?
  12. nope, only got one xp os. i Know it can be done because at one point it had xp on it, then my bro got a virus and we just put ubuntu on it because it was free. then, six months down the road, I get windows XP Professional and try to put it on the laptop only to get the bsod. you think its a driver issue with the hdd? im stumped, but will continue to try.
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  14. Im trying to install from a XP disk i got (it has no sp2, or sp3). I get the bsod screen after the Xp setup loads all the files.
  15. interesting mosox, I've never heard of slipstreaming. i will give it a shot and post my results. thanks for the suggestions.
  16. great news, i got xp to work with service pack 3 and i'm downloading the os as i type.
    thanks mosox, i couldn't have done it without you. have a happy new year. cheers.
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