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OK guys; I'm going to continue to research this but just wanted to hear everyone's opinion on what they use as a HSF for the following system: Antec Signature SG-850 PSU (1 80mm fan) Antec 1200 Case (6 fans) Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-UDP5 Mobo AMD Phenom II X955 BE @ 3.2ghz (stock HSF) Patriot Memory 4 x 2gb @ 1600mhz ATI HD4890 x 2 @ 940/1140mhz (stock cooling) Seagate 1TB 7200.12 APC Backup-UPS XS1500 LG DVD/CD RW I'm not happy with the temps on the CPU or GPU even though they are 'normal' (with side case open). I'd like to lower them a bit so I can try some O/C on the CPU. Also would like to somehow get the GPU's cooler. I appreciate everyone's time and opinion. Thank you! John Comer, GA
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  1. Well now aint this interesting it so happens that I have the same mobo and cpu combo, and I am using the Arctic Cooler 64 Pro as a hsf,why,well because it cools the whole area around the cpu and helps the nearby heatsinks as well,also what I did do is pull the company covered logo covers off of the same heatsinks so they would radiate their heat better and the heat not be trapped under them [the covers],,any how it is my considered opinion that any radiator type hsf which pushes the heat to the back of the case for removal by the system exhaust fan is the only way to go....:)
  2. Budget?
    Best overall would be Megahalems or a lapped and washer modded True. The Thermolab Baram is also pretty good. The Mugen 2 is probably the best cooler for the price. The Sunbeam CCF and Xigmatek HDT-S1283 are also very good for the price.
  3. shtbrix - my budget is around $100
    dokk2 - do you have any problems with the 64 pro getting in the way of the heatsinks of your RAM modules?
  4. I still use my original Thermalright Ultra 120. Results are outstanding.
  5. I agree with johnny but if you want something quiet get a noctua or even better a TRUE with a noctua fan
    .....although I quite like the look of zalmans..........
  6. I'm using a Scythe Ninja-mini on my AM2+ board with a 720BE, but although not tall (it takes an 80mm fan), it is big, so you'll need to check your RAM. Despite the 80mm fan, it is silent.
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