GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R Revision 1.0

Hello everyone I just got this today for my b-day present Q6600 and this motherboard a modest upgrade from my X2 4400+ @ 2.3ghz

Though I have run into problems all ready. I am using stock cooling for now till I get the cash up for a tuniq cooler.
ATM its at 266x9 but the board AUTO clocked it @ 266x8.

Specs of PC
Q6600 G0 stepping (HOORAY!!!!!!)
4x1GB DDR2 800mhz G-Skill (MB set it to 800-800 5-5-5-15 @ 1.8v)
1x 320GB Seagate HDD .11
1x EVGA 8800GT 512mb
TX750w Corsair PSU

My issue is first...vcore is auto set @ 1.30v idle temps are 45c yet to see high this normal? is the volts set to high? I am using stock cooling for the moment but the temps seem really high for 2.4ghz.

Second issue its SLOW AS HELL!!!!!!!!! I tried to install Vista Ultimate x64 and after 10 mins I didn't get past the "select hard drive to format" option. My X2 4400+ is something must be wrong but what?

I dunno what all you need....I never had a board with so many options. I will take some pictures of all my BIOS settings and post them soon as my girlfriend wakes up....she is like a grizzly when she gets woken up.
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  1. The vcore of 1.3V in the bios sounds right. And the stock cooler is pretty crappy. You won't be able to overclock it much with that. The Q6600 is a good chip, but it can put out a lot of heat when overclocked. You need a good cooler.

    As for the slowness, it could be your ram. The "slowness" may be due to ram errors. You should manually set your voltage and timings to the manufacturer specs. Then run memtest86+ to make sure it's working right.
  2. I wont be overclocking with stock...I just want it stable and working @ 2.4ghz while I wait a week so I can purchase my after market. I wanted to wait till I knew if I had enough space since the motherboard doesn't tell ya some things.

    I will take your advice on the ram and let ya know how it works out for me.
  3. Well after a while of reading and finding 90% overclocking threads I think I did it right. Got my camera now so here is a wave of screenshots. Let me know if you see anything wrong.

    I tried setting the ram @ 300a which made it 800-800 an I set the volts to manual @ 1.8v but it didn't do anything for speed.

    On the 6th screenshot its the option for "advanced timings" but I dunno what the hell to add there. I am a novice when it comes to this how ever. If you need anything else lemme know.
  4. Also here is a CPU-z screenshots

    Couldn't install vista so just rebooted till my old AMD install Vista fixed and installed drives...10 min boot time with Vista :cry:
  5. Yea everything seems snappier on cpu with an onboard memory controller.
    I wonder if Nehalem will fix this.
  6. Dunno since this isn't a Nehalem I fail to see how it helps the current issue.
  7. There's a GREAT Gigabyte forum over at:
    You'll find a pair of step-by-step 'stickies', one on RAM testing/tweaking, and one on GB overclocking. Follow the instructions carefully, and odds are 90%+ that you'll find your board/component's OC 'sweet spot' w/no further assistance...
    Good luck!!!
  8. Thanks bilbat...will check it out now.
  9. Hey thanks for the floppy drive Idea, this same vista problem was happening to me and the multiplyer at X8.5 for my E8400, Now vista installs fast and normal.
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