4870x2 CrossfireX compatibility with Asus Rampage Extreme?

As the title. though all ok when i play with one 4870x2( anyone of two cards), but when i set both two 4870x2 cards to make CrossfireX, the system can't post at all.
there's no vga signal output. but the debug led of mainboard shows system boot ok

till now i have tried :
1:adjust the jumper of the back of 4870x2
2:change another one crossfire bridge cable

but doesn't help.

i have tested both two pci-e slot with single 4870x2 card, works fine. but still no post when crossfireX. OMG.....

my components:

cpu: qx9650 boxed
mb: asus rampage extreme x48
vga: powercolor hd4870x2 x 2
power: tt toughpower 1500w
ram: G.Skill F3-12800CL7D-4GBPI(2gx2)

it that a compatibility issue? what should i do now ?
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  1. I don't really think it's an issue with a PSU like what you've got, but you might be overloading one of the rails and it might need to be balanced for stable operation. Just a thought.

  2. When ever you change from One card to Two, you have to do a complete Driver unisntall. Catalyst sees both cards and loads the drivers different. If you have already installed catalyst you don't want to try to add a second card... it confuses your computer.

    I use the CCCleaner, first: remove the driver only (do not shutdown) and then use the uninstall tool to remove the rest of the suite. Restart.

    Shutdown again, and at this time add the second card.

    Load up and the system should see both cards and be in a crappy resolution ie 800 x 600. Ignore all of the install new hard ware warnings and just install Catalyst like normal.

    Set-up everything like you want it, enable Crossfire, and restart once again.
  3. I don't think drivers are the issue if the system doesn't post.

    When I added my 3rd 3870 I saw the system post as usual on my main monitor, but just as Vista was loading I lost my display. I had to move the monitor to the output on the newly installed card.

    It took a few reboots, re-assigning of primary monitor, and I think I may have disabled crossfire at one point but it all worked out with the same drivers installed.
  4. what do you mean 3rd...are you talking about Triple Play, or a third processor?

    How many cards are you using?
    Are you talking about Tri-Crossfire?

    Either way, that is just an easy fix...you should be outputting from the Main Slot or Slot 1 and from the Main DVI or DVI 1.

    THe screen going blank as windows loads is definitely a sign of a bad driver or software issue.
  5. texasreefer said:
    what do you mean 3rd...are you talking about Triple Play, or a third processor?

    How many cards are you using?
    Are you talking about Tri-Crossfire?

    Either way, that is just an easy fix...you should be outputting from the Main Slot or Slot 1 and from the Main DVI or DVI 1.

    THe screen going blank as windows loads is definitely a sign of a bad driver or software issue.

    I'm using a 3870x2 and a 3870, so I consider it 3 GPUs. I don't know what the setup is called technically as CrossfireX is described as 2 or more cards.

    I think the OP needs to clarify the problem. He says "no post" which means drivers aren't even loaded yet.
  6. So awesome rig 'firbird, I was going to tri-crossfire using an existing HD3870 from my rig, but now the 4870X2 is just too enticing.

    I could never hit over 18,900 in 3dMark06, I've often wondered how much my score would improve with a 3870X2 in my rig. What score does you Tri-Fire rig hit? (if you don't mind)

    I just ordered my 4870X2...hope it works out.
  7. Have the EXACT same problem couldnt boot two cards at once using a 1000 watt Power supply (enermax galaxy) tried changing the rails up still couldnt get it to work

    any thoughts?
  8. Did you try w/o the crossfire bridge cable plugged?
  9. Are you using the new 8.54 version drivers? I believe only the newest 8.8 catalyst supports crossfire with the X2
  10. I have the same basic system you have (smaller PS). For me everything works fine with a single 4870x2. When I add the second card, everything goes to hell. I am currently in debug mode trying desperately to find and solve the problem.

    First, I solved my no post problem by moving the DVI connection around till one of the cards gave me a signal. For me, this was the bottom card (let me know if it is the same for you too). After I got it to post, I discovered that the system isn’t exactly stable. I am currently looking for the best drivers to use with my system.

    Look here for more:
  11. Hi, all
    (Sorry for my poor English...)

    I also saw looks like this problem at ASUS P5E3 Premium/WiFi-AP@n motherboard.
    I think this is common problem at all ASUS intel x48 chipset motherboards.
    Because DFI already fixed this problem by 2008/09/23's BIOS.

    I will ask this things for ASUS engineer.
    If I get any answer from ASUS, I will write here.

  12. Also, here is another thing.

    I bought the X64 HOmepremium and have run several benchmarks, all indications no significant raise in FRAPS. Also, not all the RAM was recognized ( my OS didn't see all 4GBs) Very confusing, and not cool

    Running Vista will still fix the 4 GPU scenario, but I would not put anymore than 4GB of RAm as I see no difference in graphic performance.

    I think the Most Powerfull DDR3 RAM would make the most difference, and you must choose the right RAM, CPU and BOard to yeild better OC (CPU not GPU).

    I bought a visiontek 4870 @ 750 Mhz, and added it had the same problem, had to run out the lower DVI. Not stable, I thought it was because my X@ is clocked at 780Mhz. I think the X2 by itself works fine, If I was to upgrade I would go with a Q9650 or QX9770 processor. That would probably overclock easily to just over 4Ghz and that would make the FRAPS fly!

    As of now, I am not running x64 Vista i'm sticking with x86. I am dual booting XP because with a Single X2, I still get better FRAPS with my benchmarking i.e. Futuremark, Crysis, AoC

    Also, my audio, and other accesorie software works better with XP.
  13. I asked ASUS engineer about this.
    So, this is not problem.

    Because, same phenomenon occurred in M3A32-MVP Deluxe.
    (Chipset is AMD 790FX, NOT intel x48)

    I had misunderstanding...
  14. I have a Rampage II extreme,300 gig raptor, 1000watt toughpower, I7 965, 2-4870x2, 12 gig corsair dom., vid cards work in another bocx p5e64 ws evoloution, and a QX9770. so put them in new box microsoft tells me Invalid handel. use disc supplied installs neeedto reboot bad driver. keeps cycling reboot. Will run on (WDDM) drivers. so I put 2900's in crossfire no problem. 1800's no problem. ATI tells me no known issue but the chipset drivers microsoft has you roll them back to an older version and you now have a EAH4870 card. the driver blue screens. Npw if the mobo was bad would the other cards work? ATI it is now not their problem. 7 reinstalls of vista 64 had to keep trying now I guess new mobo but got this feeling of old Vist 64 compatibility and the 58 chipset. so many updates??
  15. Right off the Bat.... You are running way too much RAM. There is no need for 12 gigs of RAM. That could definitely run into problems. If you notice on a bunch of reviews a lot of the test benches only run 3 gigs. I am currently building my i7 system and have recently purchased the Rampage II extreme as well. I purchased the mushkin 6 gig Triple channel kit. I don't think each channel is designed to utilize over two gigs of RAM. Thats each channel.....not each slot ( twp slots i.e. blue and white make up one channel).

    There is a really good article on Toms Hardware comparing all the Triple channel kits. Corsair Dominator was actually rated pretty low, and especially for the price was considered a bad buy. Don't get me wrong corsair has a rock solid reputation for dependable products. But in the case of the new triple channel kits Crucial is the best, mushkin is the best for the price, and the article lays it all out. Sorry i don't have time to post the link.
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