Question bout Xigmatek HDT 1283 and Antec 900

So, I've almost completed my build, but I have one concern before I turn it on and everything.

I've got a Gigabyte DS4 mounted in my Antec 900 with a Xigmatek HDT 1283 HSF installed over my CPU, with the fan side closer to the top of the case.

I've noticed that the large 200mm top fan on the case is very close to my CPU fan attached to the heatsink(I used the one that came with the Xiggy).
I'm also wondering if I put my heatsink in backwards. From what I can tell, the fan blows air through the heatsink, rather than sucking it through and blowing out the top. (If this is not the case, please tell me)

Anyways, I'm concerned that the 200mm top case fan and the 120mm cpu fan attached to the heatsink will work against each other(since one blows out the top, and the other blows towards the bottom) and one will break or something.

If anyone has experience with the HDT 1283 in a 900 case, what did you do?

P.S. Sorry to not include pictures, I'm currently at work right now. :)
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  1. Sounds like you have it turned 90 degrees. The HSF fan should blow through the HS and out the rear case fan.
  2. Cool. Thanks. That's exactly what I needed to know!

    When I get home, I'll rotate it around like that.

    Nice Eeyore in the back, btw :)

  3. Before you do that you can try moving the fan to the other side.
    Blow air through the HS and out the top fan.
  4. I have the fan mounted on the bottom of the heat sink blowing thru the fins and up to the 200mm in my Antec 900. Heat rises, and I want the heat to escape thru the top of the case.
  5. Thanks! Both of those are good suggestions. I think I'll just flip it 180 degrees. It seems like I have more room to maneuver it that way.

    Thanks again for the quick replies.
  6. to disconnected:
    I recently got the Xigmatek S1283. I have the fan blowing up into the heatsink towards the 200mm like yours. The only problem is, the heatsink seems to be just 1cm too big for me to use the side fan to cool the VGA.

    Are you using the side fan as well? Is there a special way you did it? I tried to get it to work, but there was a lot of pressure on the heatsink. My computer booted up for a bit, but then it turned off a few seconds later, I'm guessing because the CPU was being crushed or something.
  7. I dont know if this information help but I actually am using a Coolermaster V8 Cooler on the Antec 900. I had the same exact problems with the side fan not being able to fit. I almost trashed to cooler becuase of this. I am a nazi for my fans. May sound crazy but I dont want to resort to water cooling a 3500.00$ Rig. What I did was actual took a dremmel and sanded down the top corner of the 120mm fan. The side fan actually uses a clip on top and bottom to secure the fan. So sanding this top point down didn't hurt the fan at all. All LEDS still work and the fan now sits nicely right under the Cooler Master V8. Hope this helps.
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